Locations With Our World Series Of Cafe / Roaster Discoveries, And Coffee Origins

This GUSTATORY Locations blog will help you to discover inspiring roasters and coffeehouses on both your doorstep and around the world, as well as better understand all the countries and regions from which their beans originate. The globe's differing landscapes ultimately influence what ends up in your cup, and he we are to reveal all.

Coffeehouse Review: Rosslyn, London

April 14, 2020

...You might have thought Rosslyn Coffee were just trying to achieve aesthetic bliss within this space, but boy would you be wrong - operational efficiency was also high on the agenda. With an ‘in’ and an ‘out’ door system that just makes take out coffee a complete breeze, they’ve really made the most of the space...

Safe Places To Have Coffee This Weekend During The Coronavirus Pandemic

March 26, 2020

...If you're looking for some safe places to have a coffee this weekend during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, then look no further than this Unofficial Top 6 Safest Coffee Places list...

Coffeehouse Review: Caora Dhubh, Isle Of Skye

March 09, 2020

...Caora Dhubu Coffee has operated as a tiny little coffee shop on the shore of Loch Haport in the small village of Carbost [and serves] a wide variety of coffee from some of the best roasters in Scotland...

Coffee Origins: Ethiopia

March 09, 2020

...A special place on Earth with diverse landscapes and their own way of life, discover a little bit more about Ethiopia. As such, Ethiopian coffees are complex, diverse and able to develop an array of flavours...

Coffee Origins: Kenya

January 23, 2020

...Known for their market communities and beautiful safari wildlife, discover a little bit more about Kenya. Like the sun that kisses their land, Kenyan coffees are often characterised by being bright and fruity, as well as being sweet and acidic...