Coffeehouse Review: Caora Dhubh, Isle Of Skye

 Coffeehouse Review: Caora Dhubh, Isle Of Skye

Caora Dhubu Coffee Cafe With Scotlands Best Coffee Roasters

Caora Dhubh Coffee Company, Isle Of Skye  |  By Mike Lyons

Since 2017, Caora Dhubu Coffee has operated as a tiny little coffee shop on the shore of Loch Haport, which is in the small village of Carbost (directly opposite the Talisker distillery), serving a wide variety of coffee from some of the best roasters in Scotland.

The beans sourced for this little gem come from Artisan Coffee Roasters, who are based on the other side of Scotland in Edinburgh. Alongside their coffee selection, Caora Dhubu also serves a number of teas from Eteaket, a brand who are also based over in Edinburgh - if only we were scoring on consistency of the location products are sourced from. Alongside their beverage selections, there are a wide variety of pastries available, as well as chocolate from Coco Chocolatiers, whom are Scottish creators of premium hand crafter chocolate. The best of Scotland some may say...

Inside The Caora Dhubu Coffee Cafe Of Isle Of Skye
Caora Dhubu Coffee Cafe Serving Artisan Roast Coffee

Decor wise, this cafe is fitted out very well for such a small space. Despite having no indoor seating to rest ones weary legs, the views across the huge loch are so sublime that you’ll lose yourself completely and will probably forget you even have legs. On some rare occasions, some have been know to forget about everything and have left this cafe with some temporary amnesia. Caora Dhubu Coffee have, however, said they will not be held accountable. Long story short - the views are incredible, you should really go and see this place.

Opening hours are 10am - 5pm every single day, so there is plenty of time to head here for a quick coffee in between heading off for another momentous hike around the island. The perfect stopover amongst one of the Scottish isles most picturesque landscapes.

Oh and if you’re of those people that avoids straying from anywhere but deepest-London in fear of not having an alternative options for your dietary requirements, you’ll be pleased to know that this place has both Oatmilk and Gluten Free options, so can cater for pretty much everyone! Prices are very reasonable as well, with cakes averaging around £2.60 and a flat white coming in at £2.70.

Why should you visit this place: Away from the busy walking routes, this perfectly placed little cabin on the side of a loch in a tiny village offers, in our opinion, the best coffee on the small isle. The flat whites made with Artisan Coffee roasters Karinga PB beans are a fantastic wake up call before a big hike.

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