About The GUSTATORY Coffee Wine and Drinks Marketplace

The coffee industry is in a global sustainability crisis and GUSTATORY exists to widen the conversation. Dedicated to supporting coffee farmers and independent coffee roasters, GUSTATORY is a speciality coffee subscription service that features all the most exciting of UK, USA and European speciality coffee roasters. Known industry-wide for our leading coffee curations, our ever-rotating roaster discoveries serve the best of speciality coffees in terms of quality, ethics and sustainability. As part of our continued effort, we strive to work with coffee associations towards a more sustainable future for coffee.

All of our partner coffee roasters are focused on ensuring their produce is of the highest quality and that their production processes are ethical and sustainable. Being conscious of impact on both immediate and wider communities, as well as presenting many new opportunities, is a big part of what our partners and GUSTATORY do.

Our Mission Statement:

The Reality Of Coffee, 2021:

Not all coffee is sustainable or ethical. In fact, far too much isn't. The reality of the coffee industry in it's evolution is that it's global prices are currently so low that most producers are struggling to cover their operating costs, hugely affecting livelihoods in countries that depend on exporting coffee.

For those producers managing to survive, too many are also unable to re-invest in their farms towards modernisation and adapting to climate change, adversely affecting coffee yields today and for years to come. 'But I love a morning coffee, I buy coffee regularly enough' we hear you say - well, quite, we all love a morning coffee routine at home or as a takeout...

Towards Coffee's Sustainable Future

...However, choosing independent roasters' speciality coffee is a much better choice than that of lower grade, less ethical supermarket / multinational cafe alternatives. Such independent roasters often have direct relationships with their farmers and producers, and are dedicated to remunerating those along their supply chains with purchases much higher than market price value, even paying up to 2 or 3 times more than Fairtrade agreements. Besides, we've not even mentioned how independent roasters' speciality coffee is better tasting, too, but that's a given.

Contributing towards a more sustainable future for coffee, support these independent roasters' efforts and subscribe to a coffee subscription. Voted as ELLE's and Esquire's 'Best Wholebean-Only Subscription 2021', Shortlist's 'Best Coffee Subscription 2020' and more.