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GUSTATORY (adjective): curating excellence in taste

GUSTATORY offers a single destination for you to conveniently shop from 350+ independent brands and checkout with a single GUSTATORY account, or as a guest - no longer do you need to shop each of your favourite independent coffee roasters, tea makers, winemakers or brands individually. GUSTATORY does not hold stock ourselves in which all orders are made direct from our partners to you, enabling those who order food and drink items, in particular, to benefit from receiving as fresh produce as possible (i.e freshly roasted coffee), and those who order home and kitchen equipment, or similar, to enjoy the most competitive of prices available. The utmost quality and convenient shopping are both core priorities of ours.

Dedicated to supporting independent brands looking to reach audiences across the UK and around the world, GUSTATORY feature a curated range of independent coffee roasters, tea makers, winemakers, brands and more, all of whom bring their own flare and creativity to the industry. All of our partner brands are also focused on ensuring their production processes are ethical and sustainable. Being conscious of your impact on both the immediate and wider communities in which you operate is now crucial and is a big part of what we do here at GUSTATORY.

Our Mission Statement:

The Reality Of Coffee, 2021:

Not all coffee is sustainable or ethical. In fact, far too much isn't. The reality of the coffee industry in it's evolution is that it's global prices are currently so low that most producers are struggling to cover their operating costs, hugely affecting livelihoods in countries that depend on exporting coffee. For those producers managing to survive, too many are also unable to re-invest in their farms towards modernisation and adapting to climate change, adversely affecting coffee yields today and for years to come. 'But I love a morning coffee, I buy coffee regularly enough' we hear you say - well, quite, we all love a morning coffee routine at home or as a takeout...

Towards Coffee's Sustainable Future

...However, choosing independent roasters' speciality coffee is a much better choice than that of lower grade, less ethical supermarket / multinational cafe alternatives. Such independent roasters often have direct relationships with their farmers and producers, and are dedicated to remunerating those along their supply chains with purchases much higher than market price value, even paying up to 2 or 3 times more than Fairtrade agreements. Besides, we've not even mentioned how independent roasters' speciality coffee is better tasting, too, but that's a given. Contributing towards a more sustainable future for coffee, support these independent roasters' efforts and shop the GUSTATORY marketplace or subscribe to a coffee subscription. Voted as ELLE's and Esquire's 'Best Wholebean-Only Subscription 2021', Shortlist's 'Best Coffee Subscription 2020' and more.

Our Core Principles:

1/ Transparency

....All marketplace prices, delivery costs and free delivery thresholds are the same as if you were shopping direct, advertised on each brand storefront and product listing.

2/ Honesty

...There are no hidden agendas. Our aim is to educate and guide you on your coffee journey. All our products are with complete information to ensure you know exactly what you're purchasing.

3/ Simplicity

...Our processes are straightforward. Shop easily by only paying once on the marketplace, no matter how many roasters you choose to purchase from. Or, sit back and let us choose for you with our range of coffee subscription packages.

4/ Convenience

...All the diversity, creativity and innovation from independent brands based across the world in one place, all for you.