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"...This could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome, 'cause Rotterdam is anywhere..." For July we've an unintentional Rotterdam double header, and playing The Beautiful South whilst writing this felt only too apt. For 07//24 (July), we're set to be featuing another EIGHT roasters.

Say hello to Rotterdam's A Matter of Concrete and Manhattan, both joined by Stockholm's Lykke Kaffegardar, Bristol's Triple Co, Tubingen's Suedhang and Falmouth's Yallah. For our next instalment of Bloom roasters, we've London's Nordfell and Chippenham's Colours - those on 3 Bloom bags or more, we'll be including _________.

Suedhang Coffee Roasters Tubingen
A Matter Of Concrete Coffee Roasters Rotterdam
Manhattan Coffee Roasters Rotterdam
Yallah Coffee Roasters Falmouth
Triple Co Speciality Coffee Roasters Bristol
Lykke Kaffegardar Coffee Roasters Stockholm
Nordfell Coffee Roasters London
Colours Coffee Roasters Chippenham

Upcoming: 07//24 Features

Suedhang Coffee Roasters, Tubingen. Germany

Suedhang Coffee Roasters Tubingen Germany
Roaster #1  |  8♢ Two years ago Robin and Martin opened Suedhang coffee roasters' doors. Firstly Suedhang are a third wave speciality coffee café in the heart of Tübingen - they love their open plan open windows, they love hosting for everyone.

Secondly, Suedhang are a roastery, one with a passion to light roast coffee. The roasters are keen to experiment, breaking new ground, for example with Canephora coffee or drinks they have developed ourselves. Suedhang like to write articles and books on a wide variety of topics related to coffee, and they are overly happy when they offer coffees that make a difference. A difference, that is, which consists in the fact that drinking coffee is not an automatic act, but a conscious consumption - even if that's a big word, it's about quality of life.

Suedhang also seem themselves as activists by, for example, initiating a protest against the higher VAT on vegan milk alternatives - they don't give up and try to develop a regional solution for oat milk in reusable containers. For responsible consumption, Suedhang don't just do all this for themselves, they do it so that other companies can build on their ideas.

A Matter Of Concrete, Rotterdam. Netherlands

A Matter Of Concrete Coffee Roasters Rotterdam Netherlands
Roaster #2  |  A♠ A Matter Of Conrete is specialty coffee roastery based in the Van Nelle Factory located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, making a lot of noise in the coffee industry at the moment - for very good reason. The Van Nelle Factory once used to be the biggest coffee roastery in the country, quite rare to find a pre-WWII building in Rotterdam, let alone it being a coffee roastery, let alone one that is a listed UNESCO World Heritage monument. Competing in many coffee competitions, founder Rob Clarijs has been on the winner’s podium of quite a handful, with the crowning achievement of winning Coffee Masters London 2019.

Innovation and sustainability are what make today good and tomorrow better. Direct trading with suppliers, developing long-lasting products while giving attention to circularity, waste-reduction and inspire others to do so too. Roasted on a Loring S35 Kestrel, one of the most energy efficient coffee roasters around.

Yallah, Falmouth. United Kingdom

Yallah Coffee Roasters Falmouth United Kingdom
Roaster #3  |  Q♡ Sustainability is a process for Yallah roast really tasty coffee from their barn in Cornwall and they love what they do - the products they sell and the work they do - promoting social, economic and environmental prosperity while minimising company impact.

So far, they think they're on the right track, providing financial traceability, buying specialty coffee direct and using 100% plastic-free packaging wherever possible. Plus, their roastery is powered by renewable energy (last year contributing net positive 13MWh of energy to the National Grid). These steps are genuine and actually make a difference to both people and planet. No greenwashing, just action.

Manhattan, Rotterdam. Netherlands

Manhattan Coffee Roasters Rotterdam Netherlands
Roaster #4  |  2♣ Manhattan Coffee Roasters are based in the harbour city of Rotterdam, run by long time coffee professionals and competitors. Focussing on exceptional coffees, unique and small lots with close co-operation with producers, Manhattan boast a combined experience of more than 30 years in the coffee industry and have many competition wins under their belt.

Manhattan are inspired by the history of Rotterdam's harbour, a place bearing the Holland America line that once sailed from Rotterdam to New York. Situated next to the river Maas and being the only modern city with a gorgeous skyline in The Netherlands, the area is locally named “Manhattan aan de Maas”. Wanting to celebrate their local history, but also strive towards their international aspirations, recent competition accolades include Dutch Latte Art champion, Dutch Barista Championships, Dutch Cup Tasters champion, World Latte Art (6th place), New York Coffee Masters champion, London Coffee Masters champion and more.

Triple Co, Bristol. United Kingdom

Triple Co Speciality Coffee Roasters Bristol United Kingdom
Roaster #5  |  4♢ Beginning out in Northern California, 5127 miles away from Bristol, where the mountains reign tall and the pine trees populate, it was here where Triple Co Roast's founders' love for roasting was born. The chemistry, nature and complexities of coffee are what got them hooked. Triple Co Roast is the accumulation of my adventures, travels and dreams all underlined by a simple obsession with awesome coffee.

An open-access and transparent specialty roastery, the mission is triple and always has been. To roast high quality coffee beans, small batch; to buy green coffee via direct trade with bean farmers; and to focus on having amazing roaster-to-customer relations.

Lykke Kaffegardar, Stockholm. Sweden

Lykke Kaffegardar Coffee Roasters Stockholm Sweden
Roaster #6  |  7♠ Hard Lines How do you run a coffee company without anyone or anything being harmed in the process? That was the question Lykke Kaffegardar once asked themselves, and do so by challenging the normal way of doing things, by actually growing, buying and roasting coffee themselves, with the humble aim to influence the coffee industry for the better.

So how do you turn the coffee industry around, and why do you even try? Lykke Kaffegardar let the coffee farmers run the show, and to them, that's the only way. As such, Lykke Kaffegardar own their own coffee farms and company together with the coffee farmers, cutting out all middle persons and making sure that nothing or no-one gets harmed when everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee. On the highest peaks in El Salvador and Panama, by the snow water lakes of the Andes, back up to the Brasilian plateaus and over the seas to the birthplace of coffee in eastern Africa, Lykke Kaffegardar are establishing showcase farms where they grow coffee the right way - organically, without mono-cultures and in perfect harmony with people and planet.

Sweven, Bristol. United Kingdom

Sweven Coffee Roasters Bristol United Kingdom
Roaster #5  |  3♠ After more than a decade of setting goals, experiencing remarkable moments, travelling to exciting places and meeting inspiring people around the world of coffee — in 2019 Sweven have decided to settle down and begin a new journey. A journey that has reflected on the founders' vision and perception for execution of quality and service, excellence and dedication to craft. A craft of roasting and sharing the finest and most dynamic coffees they could possibly source. To build concrete relationships that last lifetime and proven friendships through sharing special moments. Moments that leave memories and stories that become legends.

It’s the dream come true and a dream they simply called Sweven.
Unordinary Oat Milk Pamban Chai Islands Hot Chocolate Subscription
(un)ordinary Oat M*lk, Pamban Chai, Islands Hot Chocolate Known for our coffee subscriptions, our Pantry supplements all our UK and European coffee roasters with fan-favourite, fantastic beverage options. Become your own barista with highly ethically sourced chocolate for all your hot chocolates, authentic chai that is full of goodness and rid of any artificial flavourings or sugars, and oat m*lk that is proudly made from 100% British oats.

Discover much better beverage options than those served in multinational cafe chains or offered by standard, lower-grade brands.


Indie Coffee Roasters | Bloom

Colours, Chippenham. United Kingdom

Colours Coffee Roasters Chippenham United Kingdom
Roaster #7  |  J♡ After soaking up coffee wisdom from UK Barista Champion Maxwell Colonna, Ben landed his dream job at Colonna and Smalls. It was here that he learnt how to brew delicious espresso, pour perfect flat whites and work the brew bar smoothly, all while serving customers with a smile. Fast forward a few years and Ben’s passion shifted to roasting coffee. Over the next 4 years, he practised the art of roasting the raw product, immersing himself in everything coffee, even taking a trip out to Colombia to see the coffee farms for himself.

Feeling inspired by the immense effort and care involved in growing and processing coffee, Ben took a leap of faith, leaving Colonna to start his next adventure; Colours Coffee. During this time, Ben moved to Hullavington and met the brewers/owners of the Flying Monk Brewery. They quickly became good friends, sharing a passion for creating the perfect brew. There wasn’t a better place for Colours Coffee to call home. The rest is history, 'I'm so excited to put all of my passion and 10 years of knowledge, into something I can truly call my own, Colours Coffee.'

Nordfell, London. United Kingdom

Nordfell Coffee Roasters London United Kingdom
Roaster #6  |  9♣ Nordfell's Signature coffee - the Nordfell Blend - was originally made just for Nordfell's founders, their family and their friends. It was their answer to the rubbish coffee they were getting in the various subscription services and online stores - they didn't feel that convenience should mean poor quality or bad service, they absolutely love coffee and wanted the best.

For this first Nordfell Blend, they taught themselves everything there is to know about coffee; they read books, went to tasting sessions and roaster's tours, watched YouTube videos, made phone calls, sent emails, and did everything they could to give themselves the best possible foundation to begin.

After months of research and experimentation at home, Nordfell started working with a master coffee roaster to produce this blend. It was another learning curve but they soon realised they'd created something really special. Over the next few months, it moved beyond family and friends, to friends of friends, and then to coffee lovers all over the UK. Before we knew it, they'd created Nordfell.

How It Works

To ensure quality standards, the coffee industry is one that has a professional grading system for all its produce. Operated by qualified individuals who sit at the stages of farming, exporting and roasting, coffee is scored out of 100 - the higher the score, the better the coffee's taste, aroma, consistency, aftertaste and various other attributes. By definition, 'speciality coffees' are those that score at least 80 out of 100; anything less, we call it 'commodity coffee'. As the scoring suggests, speciality coffee can therefore be seen as the best 20% of coffees, and as common sense may think, the higher the score, generally the more expensive a coffee is to purchase through the supply chain and by consumers.

As there is this definitive line between the two coffee types, many known coffee brands, companies, stores and services prefer to only sell coffees that score 80-83 out of 100, just high enough for them to be able to use 'speciality coffee' in all their marketing, low enough for their coffees to be cheaper and make much more profit margin. If you can't beat them, join them, right? No, we strive to do much better than that.

If you know you love coffee and are wanting to brew better coffees at home yet find yourself not knowing which coffees are worth buying or even where to start, or maybe you might already be well versed in the beverage type and know a GUSTATORY speciality coffee subscription is exactly what you need, all are welcome. Known industry-wide for our leading coffee curations, GUSTATORY are trusted by our large community and subscribers, and we've even many baristas and roasters who are subscribers themselves too... you're in fine company.

Well, "coffee is the single most consumed product in developed nations that is produced by developing nations". That is what we believe and whilst it is a beverage for us to all enjoy, it should be our privilege to consciously consider which coffee we're consuming. GUSTATORY exists to widen the conversation that speciality coffee is so much more than regular commodity coffee.

1  Being sustainable is about more than just the planet. It's also about the caring people involved earning enough profit to survive. With all developing nations' coffee farmers an embedded part of their communities, whether they're individual or part of co-operatives, lives and families depend on the export. Fair and ethical purchasing should be a minimum.

2  ...Yet, unfair shareholder-pleasing coffee supply purchasing made by multinational cafe chains and lower-grade roasters drives a global ethics and sustainability problem. Developing nations' coffee farmers wish to responsibly operate to survive. As one example, Fairtrade's Minimum Price guarantees $1.40 per pound to be received by producers, yet many coffee roasters or multinational cafe chains don't even pay this. In comparison, the best of speciality coffee roasters go further, optionally paying upward of $4.00-5.00 per pound.

Why? Fourfold, with forest fires, droughts and other catastrophes increasingly occurring in farming regions, the higher payments provide much needed security (example: Forest Fires, Brazil); in ethical fairness to producers, for coffee farms to produce higher quality, better tasting coffees, and also help contribute to a more sustainable future.

3  Not all roasters or coffee subscriptions are equal. Enjoy better. Whilst multinational cafe chain and lower grade roasters will no doubt continue to serve their coffees with an abundance of sugars to mask their true quality and taste, discover UK's, Europe's and USA's much better speciality roasters. Besides, to enjoy better tasting, true value, ethically sourced speciality coffees, their consumer prices aren't even any higher, simply fairly priced for all. For casual coffee drinkers, coffee connoisseurs and everyone in between, also enjoy 43% average savings on RRP (2023). One subscription, many discoveries.

Learn more about our Sustainability Mission in really trying to make a difference.

For casual coffee drinkers, coffee connoisseurs and everyone in between, no longer do you need to settle for mediocrity by discovering coffees that are better tasting and higher grade, more ethical and sustainable than supermarket / multinational cafe alternatives. Not every speciality coffee roaster or subscription service is equal either - far from.

GUSTATORY is a UK and international coffee subscription service that offers 9 rolling month-by-month multi-roaster coffee subscriptions, each curated and focused on differing coffee types such as single origin, 87+ SCA cupping scores, dark roasted and more. Featuring the most exciting of UK, USA and European speciality coffee roasters, choose your favourite subscription or mix and match, and whether your use espresso or filter brewing methods, pre-ground for convenience or wholebeans for extra freshness, all our subscriptions can be tailored to suit you. To help you receive coffees you know you'll enjoy, you are also able to choose your own flavour and processing preferences. For the love of discovery, if you subscribe to more than one bag in your coffee subscription, we also never allocate duplicate coffees or the same roasters to the same subscriber, and so rest assured, you'd be receiving the utmost of variety - even if you're a family subscribing to receive 4, 5 or 6 bags, all will be unique coffees.

To learn more about our upcoming roasters that will be featuring in your first month, our Featuring Roasters section is refreshed every month with each new set of features - your European coffee tour begins with GUSTATORY. In addition, if you'd also like to gauge the level of coffee quality that we've previously delivered in past months, or to read more about your specific coffees that you've received when an active subscriber, all of our coffees' stories and tasting notes are published in our Journal & School. With up to 35 speciality coffees featuring in any given month... we know, all's so good, right?

Or, fancy yourself as a coffee connoisseur? Try GUSTATORY Stories, a coffee tasting experience that offers one-off special guest coffees launched by special announcements. We've even an option for Nespresso® compatible speciality coffee pods too.

In 2023 we proudly delivered 43% savings on average on subscribing to like for like products direct from each roaster and other services. We fully believe in transparency with everything we do and for GUSTATORY's coffee subscription service's cost saving and performances throughout the last year, learn more in our latest Annual Review (2023).

In addition to our subscription performances, brewing at home also naturally comes with direct cost savings versus takeout coffees. How much can you save by having a coffee subscription?

Cost Savings Of A Coffee Subscription We recommend: 7-9g/15g for a single/double shot espresso, and 14-19g for 250ml filter methods (brew guides). For the price of 2 or 3 cafe coffees you're able to achieve 15 to 35 cups per 250g bag depending on brew method and strength preferences. Enjoy all our savings on RRP prices, and with dispatches made from GUSTATORY (UK), rest assured, there are also no international roaster import fees for UK residents.

Yes, all of our UK and international coffee subscription's featuring roasters' coffees are roasted fresh to order and shipped to us toward the end of every month ahead of the next turn of the month dispatch period. In fact, this is why we only have one dispatch date within the month, to help ensure all our roasters' dispatches arrive to us as close to one another as possible, for their coffees to be as fresh as possible for you. For our featured roasters located within the UK, their roast dates will be very close to our organised date, some the very day before, and for our European roasters, theirs will be roasted a few days earlier to cater for international shipping. All our roasters roast our coffees on a specific schedule tailored for our dates.

Please note: an important factor to consider is that coffee shouldn't be consumed immediately after being roasted to enjoy it's peak flavours, and in the same way to how the best of roasters openly publish comments on their bags such as 'best after 8 days' or 'best enjoyed after 10 days', we too encourage this, with this called the 'coffee rest period'. Such a period of time exists because a by-product of coffee roasting is CO2, in which this gas can make brewing difficult. For more info, please read our article on the coffee rest period within our Journal & School. With this in mind, for all the regular features of a roaster geographically distant from us, our careful organisation and planned logistics caters for this time period, ensuring that the recommended length of coffee rest period passes during shipping and that the coffees you receive will be well within their recommended brewing time. We understand that it may seem common sensical to think that coffee roasted yesterday will taste better than coffees roasted several days prior, however, we assure you that that isn't a professional recommendation and is an opinion shared by many of the best roasters.

All deliveries are made direct from GUSTATORY, based in the United Kingdom, in which we curate and manage all our subscriber's packages in-house to ensure package quality, variety and organisation. All coffee box subscriptions are dispatched across several days within the same dispatch period, taking place from each month's first Monday and/or 1st-2nd whichever best fits given each month's changing dates. As above, we have this consistent dispatch period to ensure coffee freshness from all our UK and international coffee roasters in which all subscribers are consolidated into the same dispatch period irrespective of individual payment cycles. Subscribing at some point in the middle of the month will mean you'll be automatically allocated to the next dispatch period, but rest assured, we have your subscription - welcome! All UK deliveries are sent via 48 hours postal service, with many subscribers receiving theirs the next day (postcodes may vary). For international shipping, all parcels are sent by expedited tracked methods, however, timeframes do vary per destination country.

Recycled packaging? Absolutely, but we've also considered more than just that. Read more about our humble packaging, it's an important consideration for us.

Browse our 9 rolling month-by-month multi-roaster coffee subscription packages below and feel free to easily cycle through each to discover your favourite coffee type. If you're unsure and are just getting started, we perhaps recommend the Selected Mix; for our cheapest offering, try our PERCENT value package, and for our most popular - and also our best in class -, try the Plus 87 coffee package. Once you've decided on a favourite, each subscription individually presents you an account setup process. After selecting the number of bags you wish to receive, feel free to also mix and match with additional other coffee types to create a bespoke coffee delivery, and in the next stages, tailor your subscription to your personal preferences, be it brew method, flavour notes or processing preferences (if any). If you only like classic chocolatey coffees, or perhaps, you're a fruity, funky natural coffee kind of drinker, even if you've no preferences at all, personalise your subscription to ensure you're receiving coffees that you like.

Highly curated, best-in-class, the gift of variety, for the love of discovery...as we're often told, 'what's not to like here? GUSTATORY is great'. Plus, if you find yourself with too much coffee one month, simply amend, skip, pause or cancel anytime. Easy.

Voted as ELLE's and Esquire's 'Best Wholebean-Only Subscription 2021', Shortlist's 'Best Coffee Subscription 2020', Good Housekeeping's 'Best For European Speciality Coffee Subscription 2021', amongst others, with our founders exclusively interviewed on leading coffee agendas such as UK Coffee Week and the true sustainability of coffee by Sky News, BBC and many more, our curator's coffee discoveries are yours to trust and enjoy.

We supply individual coffee subscribers in over 35 countries and there is good chance there are others in your local city. If you know others who also love coffee in your local area, why not all enjoy GUSTATORY together with combined postage savings as well as a continual discount too? Wherever you are, get together as a group of friends and start a Coffee Collective. For our international coffee subscribers, this is a fantastic cost-saving opportunity.

Speciality cafes, small businesses, studios, workplaces or select stores, all are also welcome. Dependent on approval and whichever category you may be, providing GUSTATORY multi-roaster coffees is a great way to go above and beyond, and mix things up. In knowledge of how our existing business partners operate, most have a trusted local roasting partner for their regular espresso offering, with GUSTATORY an ongoing provision of supplementary coffees for added consumer experience, quality and variety. Or, if this isn't quite you but you do know a local cafe that you'd love to see our coffees available in, please do feel free to pass on the message...

How It Works

1  Nice and easy, simply subscribe once on behalf of all your friends and we will send all of your group's chosen coffees in one parcel to one address.

2  Next, it's up to you to distribute your coffees amongst your friends (or keep them for yourself if they're all for you). Play rock, paper, scissors to dedicate one person to manage your GUSTATORY account, receive the shipment and once the parcel is with you, it's for all of you to enjoy!

3  We have two Coffee Collective options - use the discount code COLLECTIVE-MINI at checkout to enjoy 5% off forever on minimum orders of £65.00+ or COLLECTIVE at checkout to enjoy 8% off forever on minimum orders of £100.00+ (both not including shipping charges). Depending on your subscription package choices, these values will equal a minimum of around 7/8 and 11/12 coffees respectively.

4  Looking to start an even larger Coffee Collective, provide coffees for your entire office, own a speciality coffee store or similar? As above, we also supply business customers too and depending on your required quantities, you may qualify for our bulk rate wholesale discount. Speak to us on Live Chat to discuss the opportunity.

Cost Savings Of A Coffee Subscription
How much do you save? We recommend:
Save With An International Coffee Subscription
Save With An International Coffee Subscription
7-9g/15g for a single/double shot espresso and 14-19g for 250ml filter methods (brew guides). For the price of 2 or 3 cafe coffees you're able to achieve 15 to 35 cups per 250g bag depending on brew method and strength preferences. Enjoy all our savings on RRP prices, and with dispatches made from GUSTATORY (UK), rest assured, there are also no international roaster import fees for UK residents.

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