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Spring is on it's way - well, it will have already begun by the time our 04//23 dispatch period comes round. Following on from March's burgeoning roasters, we've another staple fan-favourite that goes by the name of Fuglen, from Oslo and Tokyo. For a consecutive month we re-visit Spain following Nomad's recent feature, this time to Madrid for TOMA. Back to Netherlands we also go, for Rotterdam's Manhatten follows last month's Uncommon of Amsterdam. Completing the quartet, say hello to Brighton's Milkshed, their first time featuring with GUSTATORY. Win your coffees, play: ♣ ♢ ♠ ♡

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Fuglen, Oslo / Tokyo. Norway / Japan

Fuglen Coffee Roasters Oslo Norway
Roaster #1  |  3♢ Fuglen are another favourite roasters of ours who are rightly regarded as one of the world's very best. We're always rather humbled to be able to offer you Fuglen, testament to what GUSTATORY has become - because of you, our community - in which the roasters are one of Europe's finest who are very strict and selective with the third parties they partner with.

With six retro-design espresso bars in Oslo and Tokyo, Fuglen roast and source only the freshest coffee they can find, offering small lots as directly as possible from who they believe are the best coffee growers around the world. Roasting lightly in a true Nordic style to enhance all the good, natural flavours of coffee without adding any roasty tones, Fuglen showcases the vast difference of flavours and terroir uniqueness that the world of coffee has to offer.

TOMA, Madrid. Spain

TOMA Coffee Roasters Madrid Spain
Roaster #2  |  K♠ With 3 cafes located across Madrid, simply titled TOMA 1,2 and 3, one of their third wave coffee bars is also home to '+ proper sound', that is, a relaxed environment in which they've a popular evening bar complete with a rather impressive vinyl sound system, natural wine offering and late night artist and event space setup. Complete with a wonderfully minimal interior, TOMA's cafes have really become part of their local communities since launching in 2016.

Let the music not detract from their quality of speciality coffee and with various funky coffees available at any one time, TOMA supply many leading cafes across Madrid and wider across Spain as they continue to be an important part of the country's growing speciality coffee scene. Although Madrid's roasters are perhaps lesser known than those in Barcelona, TOMA follows in the footsteps of Nomad, a recent feature with us in March. As TOMA's ethos goes, 'No Drama, Just Coffee', known for their relaxed environments, the perfect place you'd like to spend your Saturday mornings.
Fuglen Coffee Roasters Oslo


Oslo (NO)
TOMA Coffee Roasters Madrid


Madrid (ES)
Manhatten Coffee Roasters Rotterdam


Rotterdam (NL)
Milkshed Coffee Roasters Brighton


Brighton (UK)
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Manhatten, Rotterdam. Netherlands

Manhatten Coffee Roasters Rotterdam Netherlands
Roaster #3  |  4♡ Manhattan Coffee Roasters are based in the harbour city of Rotterdam, run by long time coffee professionals and competitors. Focussing on exceptional coffees, unique and small lots with close co-operation with producers, Manhattan boast a combined experience of more than 30 years in the coffee industry and have many competition wins under their belt.

Manhatten are inspired by the history of Rotterdam's harbour, a place bearing the Holland America line that once sailed from Rotterdam to New York. Situated next to the river Maas and being the only modern city with a gorgeous skyline in The Netherlands, the area is locally named “Manhattan aan de Maas”. Wanting to celebrate their local history, but also strive towards their international aspirations, recent competition accolades include Dutch Latte Art champion, Dutch Barista Championships, Dutch Cup Tasters champion, World Latte Art (6th place), New York Coffee Masters champion, London Coffee Masters champion and more.

Milkshed, Brighton. United Kingdom

Milkshed Coffee Roasters Brighton UK
Roaster #4  |  8♣ Milkshed's building was once a dairy serving Brighton’s Royal Pavilion way back in the 1800’s. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and King George’s old dairy is now a centre of coffee roasting excellence with some of the city’s finest coffee experts gathered under one roof.

Milkshed source direct and roast with passion and respect. Though, as much as Milkshed love to roast coffee, they also don’t want to harm the planet while they do it and are therefore part of the 1% For The Planet programme. Globally, only 3% of philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes and that’s why 1% for the planet was established. Aiming to encourage businesses like Milkshed to donate a minimum of 1% of their gross sales to help environmental non-profits, this, as well as being committed to fair trade, direct relationships with producers and environmentally sound packaging, are all Milkshed's way of doing their bit for the planet.

A sentiment we're proud to echo, '...by using carefully selected coffee growers we can guarantee that 100% of profits go to those producers and not into the pockets of some faceless corporation,' Milkshed.

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