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First The Barn, next Fuglen, now Prolog - what a consecutive month triple header! Whilst October may have once been the eighth month in a 10 month Roman calendar year, its transition to become the 10th of 12 months presumably changed many things for many people. For GUSTATORY and our subscribers, you guessed it, this means two additional months for two more coffee drops (January and February were the once missing months - interesting, huh?)

For October, we welcome another of the world's finest, namely Prolog of Copenhagen, Denmark. Joining Prolog are Neues Schwarz of Dortmund, Germany, Kolibri of Assen, Netherlands and London's Intermission, UK. For our next edition of our Bloom subscription package that features *super* indie roasters only, say hello to Belfast's Lucid, UK, with Intermission and Kolibri joining here too.

Prolog Coffee Roasters Copenhagen
Neues Schwarz Coffee Roasters Dortmund
Kolibri Coffee Roasters Assen
Intermission Coffee Roasters London
Lucid Coffee Roasters Belfast
Unordinary Oat Milk

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Prolog Coffee, Copenhagen. Denmark

Prolog Coffee Roasters Copenhagen Denmark
Roaster #1  |  3♢ What is the goal? ...To add to the quality of life by giving people better coffee experiences. How? ...By exploring what is embodied in an amazing coffee experience. Why? ...Because we want to add to the quality of life. In terms of taste, what is a great coffee experience to Prolog? ...It's a coffee that's at the same time delicious and sense-evoking.

Prolog's goal has always been quite simple, to give their guests and cafe customers a better coffee experience. They love to put in effort to make a great product, love to serve something of great quality to the people who visit them in their coffee bar and to the coffee bars, restaurants, bakeries, etc. who use their coffee beans. Since Prolog opened their doors in 2016, every day in Prolog has been a part of the journey to get closer to this goal. That’s why they have their name, Prolog. It’s always a beginning.

Neues Schwarz, Dortmund. Germany

Neues Schwarz Coffee Roasters Dortmund Germany
Roaster #2  |  10♠ Neues Schwarz are explorers against lack of opinion in the cup. Every day they search for the most extraordinary coffees in the world, with their team driven by what makes coffee special - its history, its origins and its natural complexity. Every season anew, Neues Schwarz's coffees are colorful and unique.

Neues Schwarz are also aware that in a world like the one we live in today, awareness is needed. Awareness of the value chain - and therefore also of every person involved in this product. That's why direct trade is a priority for Neues Schwarz, grateful for all the relationships and friendships that have developed over the many years and for the exchange that is invaluable to them. With several cafes, a bakery, roastery and bars across Dortmund, Neues Schwarz are packing their punch in the Germany coffee scene.

Kolibri, Assen. Netherlands

Kolibri Coffee Roasters Assen Netherlands
Roaster #3  |  2♡ Based in Netherlands, this relatively new roastery has been founded by two coffee lovers who have roots in Colombia and Costa Rica. Together they have spent several years traveling, living and drinking coffee across Europe (a ritual we brought from our homeland), but in 2019 decided to settle in The Netherlands and build a home for Kolibri.

Kolibri are very aware of the importance of offering exceptional beans in quality and flavour, within a region of high consumption, however also believe that the impact with which this is achieved in environmental, social and commercial terms must also be taken into account. Knowing the story behind each coffee from growing to brewing is our commitment to work in the most responsible way possible and to continue improving in aspects that make Kolibri more sustainable and different as they grow. Every step marks the path, their first feature with GUSTATORY.

Drink alt. m*lks? (un)ordinary, United Kingdom

(un)ordinary Oat Milk
Oat M*lk  |  JOKER Did you know (un)ordinary oat m*lk by subscription is exclusively available at GUSTATORY? With five roasters featuring in October, allow us to use this opportunity to remind you of their oat m*lk tastiness. It’s hard to find quality taste and texture in an oat drink that doesn’t overpower your coffee or tea. As farmers themselves who are passionate about coffee, (un)ordinary have created the perfect oat drink to compliment both single origins and blends. Being farmers, (un)ordinary know how to grow oats to develop a pure, earthy taste; coffee enthusiasts too, (un)ordinary have created a formula that produces smooth, consistent microfoam.

Providing the perfect texture to any espresso to make latte art look like a walk in the park, (un)ordinary oat m*lk will give a creamy boost to morning cereals, granny’s recipes, coffee and tea. Plant-based too, (un)ordinary oat m*lk is suitable for all vegans and vegetarians. For GUSTATORY and speciality coffee baristas, (un)ordinary are our best recommendation.

Indie Coffee Roasters | Bloom

Intermission, London. United Kingdom

Intermission Coffee Roasters London UK
Roaster #1  |  6♢ Time for a break...time for yourself...time with a friend...time for a meeting...time to get ready...time to procrastinate...time to catch up...time for a mindless scroll...time to google baby pigeons...time to avoid emails...time to plan an adventure...time for a long read...time for a quick bite...time to make a plan...time for coffee...

A coffee roasters aspire to change the rhythm of the world, Intermission's mission is to put people and planet first and change the coffee industry for good. With the aim to be at the forefront of sustainable coffee, Intermission make every effort to verify that everybody along their coffee supply chain is treated and paid fairly for their time and that their coffee causes no unnecessary harm to our planet.

Years to grow...weeks to process...months to ship...hours to roast...minutes to make...moments to drink.

Lucid, Belfast. United Kingdom

Lucid Coffee Roasters Belfast UK
Roaster #2  |  K♠ With Lucid's founder placing second in the UK roasting championships 2023, Lucid are certainly impressive small scale roaster. Clearly expressed and easy to understand, this is how coffee should be, clear and accessible to everyone.

Lucid's mission is to be transparent at every step of the production line, from coffee farm to roasted product, being responsible and environmentally friendly and always happy to share our knowledge and passion.
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