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Recently arriving home from a trip to Berlin, there our team visited the likes of 19Grams, The Barn, Father Carpenter, Fjord, Five Elephant and a few others, many of the very best in one week. Always with a finger on the pulse, we now look forward to March with a few roasters we're confident you just might not yet know. Yet...

For 03//24 (March), Copenhagen's Coffee Collective and Vienna's Jonas Reindl make their overdue GUSTATORY return, complemented by Edinburgh's Machina and Madrid's Hola (hey!). For our next instalment of Bloom roasters, we visit Northern Ireland for two, namely Coleraine's Fidela and Antrim's Never Worry making their debut - those on 3 Bloom bags or more, we'll be including Hola.

Coffee Collective Coffee Roasters Copenhagen
Hola Coffee Roasters Madrid
Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters Vienna
Machina Coffee Roasters Edinburgh
Never Worry Coffee Roasters Antrim
Fidela Coffee Roasters Coleraine

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Coffee Collective, Copenhagen. Denmark

Coffee Collective Coffee Roasters Copenhagen Denmark
Roaster #1  |  6♢ Rightly regarded as one of the world's best coffee roasters, Coffee Collective have many coffee competition wins to their name, including gold in both the World Barista Championship and World Cup Tasting championships, as well as winning 5 awards at the most recent championships held as part of the Danish Coffee Festival.

Creators of fantastic coffee experiences while helping farmers achieve more value, it is very fair to say that Coffee Collective shares the exact same values as GUSTATORY - the highest of quality yet affordable coffees, all sourced with impressive ethics and sustainability from seed to cup in mind. For context of their inclusion, Coffee Collective rarely partner with third party subscriptions, and so we're always pleased to see their inclusion with GUSTATORY for yet another month. You're welcome.

Hola Coffee, Madrid. Spain

Hola Coffee Roasters Madrid Spain
Roaster #2  |  3♠ Hola Coffee was founded by two friends, Pablo and Nolo, in 2016. Between them they have accumulated years of experience working in different areas of the coffee industry, and together they decided to develop their own project. In Hola Coffee, the two captured their vision of speciality coffee and their passion for the community that surrounds it. The project has evolved over the years and has positioned itself as a strong reference in specialty coffee in and out of Madrid, going from being the dream of two passionate coffee lovers to a team of professionals who seek to offer the best quality and service possible.

In their two Madrid premises, Hola Coffee shows their way of understanding coffee service, as well as supply speciality cafes across Europe. Hola Coffee has also become an element of knowledge dissemination through the academy they founded and the podcast they record, which is essential to accompany the project.

Jonas Reindl, Vienna. Austria

Jonas Reindl Coffee Coffee Roasters Vienna Austria
Roaster #3  |  8♡ Is there a Mr Reindl? Contrary to popular belief no, it’s not a person. Across the street from their first Café stands the Viennese traffic construction Schottentor, which is the inspiration for their name. Major Franz Jonas had it built in 1961. The word 'Reindl' is Viennese for an oval cooking pan. Since this tram station resembles a Reindl’s shape, the locals dubbed it 'Jonas Reindl'. Striving to create a unique coffee experience by offering distinct flavours and aromas and by providing transparency from bean to cup, Jonas Reindl are certainly Austrian favourites.

Machina, Edinburgh. United Kingdom

Machina Coffee Roasters Edinburgh United Kingdom
Roaster #4  |  Q♣ Machina was founded when it's founder decided to move on from the music industry and follow a new path. Coffee fitted the bill perfectly ~ less travel, but still bringing people together through a collective experience and still focusing on a creative passion that he could share with everyone.

Around 2004 the Edinburgh coffee scene had just started to enter the 'third wave', but it was definitely in its humble beginnings of hipster-dom, which was not really what the founder had in mind for Machina. With various Scottish barista qualifications under his belt, and drawing inspiration from coffee scenes around the world, be it Wellington and Auckland, LA, Portland and NYC through to Tokyo, London and more, Machina was born with a philosophy more akin to developing a new style driven by aesthetics and knowledge.

Campbell & Syme, London. United Kingdom

Campbell And Syme Coffee Roasters London United Kingdom
Roaster #5  |  5♠ When the founders started Campbell & Syme in October 2012, they instantly realised that coffee can taste incredibly sweet and juicy when its distinctive flavours are highlighted. Of the opinion that speciality coffee shouldn't be exclusive, it's about sharing experience and an exchange of conversations in which their cafes are just that, a place for their customers to feel welcome and appreciated.

A lot changed since then. Campbell & Syme has grown over the years with people adding their valuable skills and knowledge, but their key values stay the same, roasting wonderful coffees grown by superstar farmers.

(un)ordinary Oat M*lk. United Kingdom

(un)ordinary Oat Milk UK
Oat M*lk  |  JOKER Drink alt. m*lks? It’s hard to find quality taste and texture in an oat drink that doesn’t overpower your coffee or tea. As farmers themselves who are passionate about coffee, (un)ordinary have created the perfect oat drink to compliment both single origins and blends. Being farmers, (un)ordinary know how to grow oats to develop a pure, earthy taste; coffee enthusiasts too, (un)ordinary have created a formula that produces smooth, consistent microfoam.

Plant-based, (un)ordinary oat m*lk is suitable for all vegans and vegetarians, and for GUSTATORY and speciality coffee baristas, (un)ordinary are our best recommendation. (un)ordinary oat m*lk by subscription is exclusively available at GUSTATORY.

Indie Coffee Roasters | Bloom

Fidela, Coleraine. United Kingdom

Fidela Coffee Roasters Coleraine United Kingdom
Roaster #6  |  A♢ Frank and Rachel's coffee journey began four years ago in Colombia. After a visit to Frank’s family coffee farms in the well-known coffee region Nariño, they saw amazing opportunities to work alongside his family, to find new and exciting prospects for their coffee.

What began as a small family project of 4 farms has evolved to working with many more small farmers in the region, with Fidela visiting each farm they work with on a regular basis throughout the harvesting season and providing support in any way possible. In 2017 they set up their own coffee laboratory near their Colombia farms, a great opportunity to enable them to show their farmers the results of their hard work at farm level. This enables Fidela to bring more farmers onboard and build positive relationships. Also available for you, roasted in Northern Ireland.

Never Worry, Antrim. United Kingdom

Never Worry Coffee Roasters Antrim United Kingdom
Roaster #5  |  2♠ At Never Worry, their love for coffee goes beyond borders. They're not just passionate roasters; they're coffee enthusiasts on a global quest. Nestled in the heart of Antrim, Northern Ireland, Never Worry's roastery is a haven for those who find joy in the extraordinary world of coffee.

Never Worry's journey is fueled by a desire to discover the most intriguing and out-of-the-box coffees from every corner of the globe. From the heights of Ethiopian plateaus to the lush plantations of Central America, they embark on a quest to bring you the most exceptional and unique coffee beans. But it doesn't stop there. Never Worry are dedicated craftsmen, honing their skills in the delicate art of roasting and brewing. Every roast is a symphony of flavours, carefully curated to create a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary, believing that each cup tells a story with the goal to craft narratives that captivate your palate and transport you to the origins of our carefully selected beans.
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