Drink hot chocolate, chai lattes or oat m*lk? Enjoy Islands, Pamban and (un)ordinary, your new favourites

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Islands hot chocolate, Pamban chai and (un)ordinary oat m*lk. Enjoy Better

Known for our coffee subscriptions, our Pantry supplements all our UK and European coffee roasters with fan-favourite, fantastic beverage options. Become your own barista with highly ethically sourced chocolate for all your hot chocolates, authentic chai that is full of goodness and rid of any artificial flavourings or sugars, and oat m*lk that is proudly made from 100% British oats. Discover much better beverage options than those served in multinational cafe chains or offered by standard, lower-grade brands. New to GUSTATORY?

...Just an 'absolutely brilliant service with outstanding coffee' (Amir, November)

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Multi-Roaster Coffee Subscriptions GUSTATORY Multi-Roaster Coffee Subscriptions

Best Of Independent Drinks

Available separately or supplement your GUSTATORY coffee subscription. To begin, choose your favourite or mix and match subscriptions to create your own bundle. Amend, skip a month, pause or cancel anytime
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Subscribe To The Multi-Roaster Selected Mix Speciality Coffee Subscription Subscribe To The Multi-Roaster Selected Mix Speciality Coffee Subscription
Others' RRP:
£6.25 (250g) // £34.00 (Kg)
£6.75-8.95 // £38.00-47.00

Islands Hot Chocolate

Growing the finest flavour cocoa on their own farms in St Vincent and partner farms in Dominican Republic, enjoy Islands' highly ethical hot chocolate and chocolate flakes Regenerative farming  //  Zero slavery  //  Zero deforestation
Best Of
Subscribe To The Plus 87 International Speciality Coffee Subscription Subscribe To The Plus 87 International Speciality Coffee Subscription
Others' RRP:
£11.00 (250g)
£12.25-13.50 // One size only

Pamban Chai

The chai revolution! Rich in antioxidants, easy to make and award-winning, enjoy the taste of authentic chai. A tea made of black tea and aromatic spices, discover its true flavour with Pamban No artificial flavourings or sugars  //  Full of depth and flavour
Best Of
Subscribe To Unordinary British Oat Milk Subscription Subscribe To Unordinary British Oat Milk Subscription
Others' RRP:
£1.80 (litre) // £10.80 (carton)
£1.95-2.10 // £11.70-12.60

(un)ordinary Oat M*lk

Drink alternative m*lks? As farmers themselves who are passionate about coffee, (un)ordinary have created the perfect oat drink. Complement your coffees, or cereal, with our recommended oat drinkMade locally from 100% British oats  //  Exclusive to GUSTATORY
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Coffee Subscription Savings 2022
Savings. Our 2023 ResultsWe proudly delivered 19% savings on RRP on average in 2023. In considering our roasters' shipping costs when shopping direct too, 43% savings were enjoyed

Annual Review (2023)
Option #2 Coffee

Specialty Coffee Subscriptions

Become your own barista with a speciality coffee subscription, explore an ever-rotating curation of the very best UK, USA and European speciality roasters.

With a focus on coffee quality, farming ethics and sustainability, discover much better coffees than multinational cafe chains, standard lower-grade roasters and brands
GUSTATORY Stories Limited Edition Coffee Tasting Experience
For the most exciting of UK, USA and European speciality roasters, the coffee subscription matched to tastes and delivering savings

Creative and colourful packaging comes at a cost. We're humble about ours

Issue: Printed packaging is a regularly overlooked, detrimental factor when consumer brands consider their environmental impact. Using recycled material is one thing, but that's not everything... For more: About GUSTATORY
We work with an abundance of brands and consumers ourselves, we are well aware of branding / packaging options. Despite this, we dispatch all our parcels within humble, minimally branded boxes. Why?

1  Environment: No matter whether a packaging design is black or has colour, inks' toxins have a negative impact on the environment. For us, unlike almost all other subscription services across every product type imaginable, we choose not to use overly-printed packaging - not even featuring a tiny logo - to eliminate our requirement for ink on postal boxes altogether. Each coffee subscription box we deliver is made from recycled cardboard, our tape from recycled kraft paper and our insert cards from recycled fibres. Whilst we do use ink on the latter, the usage of unbranded boxes for all our thousands of subscribers tremendously reduces our demand for ink. We also choose to publish all our monthly tasting notes and stories in our Journal & School online only.

2  Cost: As well as the environment, all overly-printed packaging also costs dramatically more to manufacture than it's unbranded equivalent. Each time any consumer receives overly branded packaging, their costs will be embedded into the price of the product being purchased. As such, consumers will either be paying more for the same item, or the item's actual cost to manufacture will be comparatively less - that is, it's true value and level of quality. For us, we price all our coffee subscriptions according to the true value of the actual coffee you're receiving, with no included cost of some packaging you'll no doubt dispose of 20 seconds later. If we had to embed an additional cost just for branded boxes, it would mean we'd need to charge this same amount more, or indeed, feature less true, lesser quality coffee each time. Well, neither of those options are ever going to happen in which we're *very* confident we're the best value, best quality coffee subscription service available. We'll let all the speciality coffees inside our humble packaging do the talking...
Islands Hot Chocolate Subscription
Hot Chocolate, The Islands Way Zero deforestation, slavery free cocoa, fair pay guaranteed. It's fair pay, fair play to Islands
Pamban Chai Subscription
Chai, Chai, Wonderful Chai Lattes ...And in celebration of all the passion, fun and goodness of great chai, enjoy Pamban Chai

A sustainable future for coffee is uncertain. However, enjoy better

Issue: Speciality coffee is not commodity coffee, and buying coffee advertised as being 'certified sustainable' often doesn't guarantee the best for farmers and producers. In detail... For more: Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)
...Many certifications seek to ensure that producers receive the price they deserve and one that allows them to operate in a sustainable way. One example of that is Fairtrade certified coffee, which can be found in your local supermarket and guarantees a Fairtrade Minimum Price of $1.40 per pound for the producer. However, when compared with the Speciality Coffee Association's alternative recommended price threshold for profitability of $2.50 per pound, this indicates a gulf of $1.10 per pound and highlights the true perspective on sustainability - a point which Fairtrade seems to fall short of, as do many other sustainability programmes.

Speciality coffee is not commodity coffee in definitive ways, one of which is that many of the best independent speciality coffee roasters optionally pay upward of $4.00-5.00 per pound for their imports in the common belief that this is a much fairer price for the farmers, their communities and the coffee supply chain. Through direct-to-source relationships, suchlike provides their producers with added certainties, and only on such certainties can producers truly commit to sustainable practices, be it in the present, on investment for the future or in mitigation strategies against unknown events such as forest fires, drought and more. By our customers making conscious purchases from the best of independent coffee roasters through our coffee subscriptions, instead of less ethical and sustainable supermarket / multinational cafe alternatives, you too can help contribute towards the support and sustainability of the global coffee supply chain. Besides, the differences in quality of taste need not even be mentioned, all there to be enjoyed.
Unordinary Oat Milk Subscription
100% British Oat M*lk. One Hundred Percent Being made from 100% British oats is important. The sustainability and global emissions impact of certain alternative m*lk ingredients is widely talked about, look no further than (un)ordinary oat m*lk
Multi-Roaster Coffee Subscription
Best Of Coffees. By Subscription ...And that which we're *really* known for, discover the most exciting of speciality coffee roasters. Whether you see yourself as a coffee aficionado, learning more or simply someone who enjoys quality coffee, enjoy a GUSTATORY susbcription

Hot Chocolate Subscription, Drinking Chocolate, Chai Latte Drink, Oat M*lk, Oat Drink Subscription, Alternative M*lks... whichever, enjoy us monthly