Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions About GUSTATORY, The Curated Roasted Coffee Marketplace


GUSTATORY (adjective): curating excellence in taste.


GUSTATORY is a curated place for you to discover quality independent coffee roasters across the UK and Ireland. Most of our nation’s coffee roasters already supply their local cafes, hotels and other outlets, but GUSTATORY goes one further, priding ourselves in being the preferred place to discover, compare and shop for both speciality coffee and independent coffee online online. Launched in 2019, fresh coffee from independent roasters, delivered.

Q/ What makes GUSTATORY different to the rest?

Well, there aren't any others. Other than shopping at each individual independent coffee roaster each time, GUSTATORY is the only place that brings all these fantastic independent coffee roasters together. One of GUSTATORY's core principles is supporting and giving power to each of our independent coffee roasters, and in doing so, you will be able to discover and shop an unprecedented amount of coffee variations from a vast array of independent establishments. With all independent coffee roasters curated by our team, be safe in the knowledge that you are browsing and shopping the best speciality coffee and independent coffee from the best coffee roasters. To ensure that you can shop with confidence on all your orders, GUSTATORY always prioritises the following:

We are transparent, which is why all prices, delivery costs and free shipping thresholds are the same as if you were shopping direct, all at your hands with the convenience of only requiring a single checkout (or guest) account; and we are honest, ensuring you our prices are never inflated to include misleading hidden costs, nor is any product without complete information to help you compare. Our process is simple, allowing you to shop easily by only paying once, no matter how many unique roasters you choose; and we are convenient, providing you with the central place for discovery and education. Ethical, clear and easy.

Q/ Does GUSTATORY sell it's own coffee?

No, all coffee available at GUSTATORY has been lovingly prepared for you by our independent coffee roasters. Coffee tastes great, everyone knows that, but something which independent coffee roasters can achieve with their quality coffee is a beverage that excites all of the senses. This is a fact which GUSTATORY would rather champion than compete with. As such, all coffee purchases are delivered to you directly from each of our independent coffee roasters, ensuring coffee freshness, delivery speed and authenticity in supporting independent businesses. Discover more about our support for independent coffee roasters.

Q/ Are ethics and sustainability important to GUSTATORY?

Of course. Another of GUSTATORY's core principles is to champion better practices in the roasted coffee industry, and as an influential marketplace platform, we strive to place emphasis on independent coffee roasters making measurable environmental, social and fiscal sustainability a priority in everything they do. The world of coffee is like one large community, and through collaborative effort, every independent roaster can really make a difference. Discover more about our ethics and sustainability of better coffee.

Q/ I am new to coffee roasting. Which coffee grind do I choose?

There are seven different types of brew methods and respective grind types available and all can be purchased from our independent coffee roasters at GUSTATORY. For further information on the different types and which you should choose, please see our different coffee grind types and brew methods.


Shopping At GUSTATORY. Delivery & Returns

Q/ Where can you deliver to, and how much does it cost?

Our roasters will deliver to the UK and Ireland, as well as worldwide, unless otherwise stated. Shipping of items is at the roasters discretion. In order to determine whether a specific roaster will ship to you, you will need to enter your details when prompted for a shipping address at the point of checkout. At this point, you will be able to determine if a roaster is willing to ship to you, as well as being able to clearly see exactly what each roaster's itemised shipping costs are. Offering the same free delivery thresholds as if you were shopping direct, and also never including any misleading hidden shipping costs in any product's price, all delivery costs are transparent and honest. For further information, please see our delivery and returns options.

Q/ If I am an international customer, are there additional costs to importing products?

Depending on where your international address is, you may be charged duty and taxes on receipt of the goods, depending on the value of the items. Since GUSTATORY is based in an EU country, custom duties do not apply on orders delivered to an EU address, and equally so, to no UK address. For non-EU, please contact your local customs office for an estimate of the potential charge. For US-based customers, the general rule of thumb is that orders worth less than $800 can be imported without any issue.

Q/ I have ordered several items, however, only one has been received and the others are on their way. Why?

If you order from multiple roasters, their parcels will arrive separately, and equally so, are likely to be on different days. Each independent coffee roaster generally roasts their produce on a specific set day(s) of the week to ensure that the coffee you receive is as fresh as possible. As such, your purchase(s) will be shipped immediately after these given days of the week by each of the respective coffee roasters. You are able to see these days highlighted on every product and respective roaster storefront for you to easily understand. Please be safe in the knowledge that shipping will be made direct from the independent coffee roaster(s) after their next earliest roasting date.

Q/ I have ordered several items, however, have only been charged once for shipping. Why?

Each roaster will have their own shipping costs and these will be clearly itemised at the point of your checkout. These costs are then consolidated into one single charge for ease of payment.

Q/ Do I need to sign for my order upon receipt?

Likely, yes. All fulfilment and deliveries are done directly by each of our independent coffee roasters, all of whom have their own standard way of doing things. As such, each has their own standard delivery speeds and terms and conditions; both of these are clearly highlighted on every product and respective roaster storefront for you to easily understand.

Q/ Can I return my order?

Our absolute priority is for our customers to receive quality coffee, however, due to the nature of coffee being a consumable good with a set shelf-life, GUSTATORY can only accept returns and process refunds on purchases which have been either damaged in some way, are faulty or not in accordance with the roaster's product listing. If your purchase(s) fall into any one of these three categories, you are entitled to a cooling-off period of 14 days after dispatch. For further information on returns, please see our one standard returns policy.

Q/ Where do I return my order to?

Just how all fulfilment and deliveries are done directly by each of our independent coffee roasters, for the successful return-processing of any item(s), each must be shipped directly to the address of the respective independent coffee roaster and not to GUSTATORY. Our customer service team can help you with the required address that you will need.

Q/ I've changed my mind. Can I change or cancel my order?

If you change your mind after placing an order with GUSTATORY, you may cancel it at any time before the item(s) are dispatched by their respective independent coffee roasters. Please contact our customer service team immediately to help us make suitable arrangements, letting us know your name, address details and order number to cancel your order. For further information on cancellations, please see our delivery and returns options.

Q/ My order still hasn't arrived? What can I do?

We can help. Please contact our customer service team and we will help you with your order.

Payment Options At GUSTATORY

Q/ What payment options can I pay for my order with?

GUSTATORY offers payments by debit card or credit card (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard) as well as by our alternative payment options of Shopify Pay, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Please note orders will be dispatched only once we have authorisation from your payment card issuer, irrespective of which method. Even if you order from multiple roasters, only a single payment is also required.

Q/ May I pay over the phone with you?

Sorry, we're unable to take payment for any amount over the phone.

Q/ I still need help. Can I contact you?

Of course, our customer service team are on hand and will happily assist you with any enquiry.