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This GUSTATORY Insights blog centres around coffee from different perspectives. Whether these be insights into the industry through interviews with roasters or whether these are insights into what coffee means for you and your routine, each perspective is entirely personal and unique to that particular individual. Whilst we appreciate that this is a quite a broad, all-encompassing description, we want it to be reflective of coffees impact and the diversity it presents us through differing experiences.

How Environmentally Clean Is Your Coffee Cup?

March 03, 2020

...No one wants to be that person that sticks a recyclable coffee cup in a regular bin - oh the glares. But there is more to the supply chain than just the end consumer so let's consider all stages of the process and take a look at the environmental impact of the preceding steps...

Is Coffee Good For You?

February 12, 2020

...For a long time, coffee was feared to have negative health implications - we lived through this, they were dire times - such as that it caused your blood pressure to rise, considerably raised your heart beat, impaired your sleep and possibly led to the development of cancer. However, this stance has now changed due a WHO report published in June 2016...

Interview: Eteaket, Edinburgh

January 29, 2020

...We have worked with Isle of Harris Gin on the Isle of Harris to create a tea using the same botanicals which they use in their Gin - which is equally phenomenal as it includes the kelp which is dived for and collected by hand from the Scottish Coast...

Interview: Redroaster Coffee Roasters, Brighton

December 01, 2019

...The founder of Redroaster Coffee Roasters went to Seattle back in the day and had a coffee in Victrola, next to Starbucks' reserve. He was blown away by the coffee and decided to roast specialty coffee in Brighton...

Interview: Unorthodox Coffee Roasters, Kinross

October 01, 2019

...Unorthodox Roasters is a coffee roasting venture, borne out of a 10 month trip to Latin America in the hunt for beans and knowledge. Two travellers succeeded in learning from the best coffee roasters on the continent and visiting almost all of the coffee growing regions. It was time to bring it all back to Scotland...