Transparency: 2022

2022 Coffee Subscription Transparency Results

We fully believe in transparency with everything we do, and below, please find our latest Annual Review (published January 2023) of GUSTATORY's coffee subscription service's cost saving and performances throughout last year (2022). If you've wondered how well we've performed in terms of coffee variety and how much our subscribers have saved by subscribing to our coffee subscriptions in 2022, let's dive right in...

Throughout the year we featured a total of 318 unique coffees by 52 different roasters from 19 countries across all our 10 subcription plans. Based on our internal data and calculations, we've delivered a fantastic 41% average savings^ in comparison to subscribing directly with our roasters and other subscription services.

19% RRP Savings & 41% On Total Costs

Comparing the GUSTATORY prices our subscribers have paid for their coffee subscriptions versus subscribing to like for like products direct from each roaster and other services, we proudly delivered 19% savings^ on RRP on average in 2022, up from 17% in 2021.

...But, what about the shipping costs of each roaster, those are charged by each for their deliveries too?! We're glad you asked. With these considered - as they should be as they're still payable costs for all roaster's customers -, 41% savings^ were enjoyed on subscribing with GUSTATORY versus direct with our roasters and other services for like for like products, an increase from 34% in 2021.

^ Calculations based on a 3 bag subscription of 1 UK and 2 international roasters as standard.

Coffee Subscription Savings By Package
Coffee Subscription Savings By Package

* Excludes shipping and import fees when purchasing direct from a roaster or via another service. Subscribing direct would incur further costs to reach the 41% savings calculation GUSTATORY achieves, excluded from the above for accurate RRP comparative purposes.

Subscription Savings In Detail

Crunching the numbers on our individual subscription plans, the above illustrates the savings our subscribers have enjoyed on their specific plans via GUSTATORY this last year. The 'Average Bag RRP' represents the averaged consumer price if subscribing to like for like 250g coffee bags sent direct from our roasters. All our coffees we ever curate are sold with varying RRPs - depending on numerous factors - and the above were 2022's RRP averages. The 'Most Expensive' is exactly this, the RRP of the most expensive speciality coffee that had featured within our subscriber's specific plans at some point in 2022. We've also shown the prices of subscribing to each GUSTATORY plan for comparative purposes. You're welcome.

As with all our subscription plans, the more bags you subscribe to, the more savings you will enjoy. With a mission of delivering ever-rotating roaster discoveries with the best of speciality coffees in terms of quality, ethics and sustainability, all with savings, all matched to your tastes, we're proud to say our latest review of data, in actual terms, delivers on our promise once again in 2022.

Coffee Subscriptions

From all the team at GUSTATORY to all our subscribers, thank you for being a subscriber with us in 2022. We hope you've enjoyed all our coffees each month and that you have a lovely upcoming festive period, we'll see you in the new year with January's subscriptions... And remember, Christmas doesn't have to be perfect to be special.

Take care, GUSTATORY