Tasting Notes & Stories

Do you subscribe to GUSTATORY's coffee subscriptions? This GUSTATORY coffee subscription Tasting Notes & Stories section provides you with some interesting additional information regarding the coffee roasters and their coffees that we've featured each month. If you wish to learn more about the coffees we've curated, be sure to have a read of all our coffee splendour. If you're not a subscriber, this array may just get you thinking that you, too, would like to receive the best coffees from all our UK, USA and European roasters? Welcome...

Tasting Notes: September 2023 Coffees

It's come to September already? Is there much of a 'Summer' left? When are the consistent sunny days arriving? So many questions, so little sun, oh well (unless you're one of our European friends, of course). For September, Fuglen of Oslo and Fathers of Ostrava make a return, with Falkenberg's Swerl...

Tasting Notes: August 2023 Coffees

Despite the weather, not to worry, we're always down to provide the beautiful coffee. For August, Hidden of Barcelona and Antwerp's Rush Rush make their first time features, with Dublin's Groundstate, Kendal's Red Bank, Edinburgh's Cult and Margate's We Are Here also featuring.

Tasting Notes: July 2023 Coffees

Tipping into the second half of the year with a bang. Beautiful weather, beautiful days, beautiful coffee. For July, we go back to Scandinavia once more with Stockholm's Drop and Coffee Collective of Copenhagen, complemented nicely by MOK of Leuven, Dark Woods of Huddersfield, Milton Keynes' Milk & Beans and York's Harmony.

Tasting Notes: June 2023 Coffees

Our first edition of our new Bloom subscription - because behind every known brand is a journey and every great journey has a humble beginning, our kickstarter for indies. For this, try Ride & Grind and The Midnight Bean Club, and joining both, enjoy Suedhang, Bonanza, Small Batch and Cloud...

Tasting Notes: May 2023 Coffees

It's that time of year when shorts and dresses start to make their first appearances. Whatever the weather, you can always be sure of the level of quality of coffees in your GUSTATORY coffee delivery, and for May, enjoy Berlin's Five Elephant, HAYB of Warsaw, DAK of Amsterdam and Edinburgh's Cairngorm.

Tasting Notes: April 2023 Coffees

We've another fan-favourite that goes by the name of Fuglen, from Oslo and Tokyo. For a consecutive month we re-visit Spain, this time to Madrid for TOMA. Back to Netherlands we also go, over to Rotterdam's Manhatten, and United Kingdom's Milkshed of Brighton completes the quartet.

Tasting Notes: March 2023 Coffees

We return to three of our personal all-time favourites, each absolutely burgeoning their respective national speciality coffee scenes. Barcelona's Nomad, Paris' Kawa Coffee and Amsterdam's Uncommon are joined by one of London's hidden gems, 15grams.

Tasting Notes: February 2023 Coffees

For February we return to Berlin with one of our favourites. Joining The Barn we've two new first-features for GUSTATORY; say hello to Bern's Drip of Switzerland and Stjordal's Langora of Norway. Completing the set we've Stafford's Hasbean of United Kingdom.