Tasting Notes & Stories

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Tasting Notes: April 2024 Coffees

Then came April and it is no April Fools that we've seven roasters featuring. A date now marked by having a little fun with friends, we delve into our own bit of fun with new-timers Trigger and Harmony joined by Small Batch, Plot, Stay High, Echelon and Uncommon coffee roasters.

Tasting Notes: March 2024 Coffees

Recently arriving home from a trip to Berlin, there our team visited the likes of 19Grams, The Barn, Father Carpenter, Fjord, Five Elephant and a few others. Always with a finger on the pulse, for March we welcome Coffee Collective, Hola, Fidela, Jonas Reindl, Machina and Never Worry.

Tasting Notes: February 2024 Coffees

Did you know that February is the only month that can pass without a single full moon? No, us neither, but we do know we're over the moon with Germany's Father Carpenter and The Barn, Belgium's Wide Awake and United Kingdom's Kiss The Hippo, Ninth and Sanctuary.

Tasting Notes: January 2024 Coffees

New year, same us. Starting the New Year with a bang, we welcome seven roasters all based here in the United Kingdom as we navigate the festive period and it's likely international delivery complications. Say hello to Clifton, Quarter Horse, Round Hill, Cartwheel, Campbell & Syme, Method and Spaceboy.

Tasting Notes: December 2023 Coffees

With November's Thanksgiving, the First Sunday of Advent, Diwali, Remembrance Day, All Saints’ Day, Hanukkah and more, its quite the ceremonial month. For December, we've Right Side, Parlor, Goat Story, Lars & Margo, Skylark, Grindsmith and Elsewhere.

Tasting Notes: November 2023 Coffees

Autumn is well under way, and if October's weather is to go by, we'll all be craving those extra brews in the cold mornings and evenings come November. Brrrr. For November, we've Three Marks, Frukt, North Star, Andy, Rascal and Ritual coffee roasters.

Tasting Notes: October 2023 Coffees

First The Barn, next Fuglen, now Prolog - what a consecutive month triple header! Whilst October may have once been the eighth month in a 10 month Roman calendar year, its transition to become the 10th of 12 months presumably changed many things for many people. For GUSTATORY and our...

Tasting Notes: September 2023 Coffees

It's come to September already? Is there much of a 'Summer' left? When are the consistent sunny days arriving? So many questions, so little sun, oh well (unless you're one of our European friends, of course). For September, Fuglen of Oslo and Fathers of Ostrava make a return, with Falkenberg's Swerl...