The Fundamentals section of GUSTATORY's Journal & School aims to arm you with additional knowledge to help you get the most from your coffee - or any other beverage that we may cover - as much as explore other general topics and reads we share. By understanding any quality drinks' journey and how they may have been prepared for your consumption, our editors hope we can help you to appreciate every sip just that bit more. We’ll provide you with a glossary of coffee terms, brew guides, overviews of differing roast profiles, as well as talk you through the bean-to-cup process, and more; and these are just for coffee, let alone considering other beverage types.

Coffee Processing - Honey Process Coffees (Pt.3)

From a coffee drinker’s point of view, the key thing to remember when you see a honey processed listing is to expect a sweeter coffee with less acidity, or as many consider, a process somewhere in between natural and washed.

Coffee Processing - Natural Coffees (Pt.2)

If you like your coffee sweet and fruity then we would recommend considering naturally processed coffees. As we mentioned with washed coffees, some coffee drinkers love funkier, fruitier coffees, whilst others simply don't. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

Coffee Processing - Washed Coffees (Pt.1)

There are a few different processing methods and we’ll be covering three, but to begin, we’ll start with the washed coffee method given this is perhaps the most common one and is hugely popular in the speciality coffee industry.

Simple Hacks For Better Espresso Coffees At Home

..Espresso coffees are a notoriously tricky brewing method to master. There are so many variables and even the smallest changes can make or break your shot, making espressos often challenging to consistently perfect. Here we share some simple espresso coffee hacks and processes that may seem so simple, but are...

Quality Teas. What's The Differences?

...Rather surprisingly, all teas - white, green, oolong, Pu'erh, herbal and black - are made using leaves of the same plant species. Whilst there are a number of varietals of the Camellia sinensis plant, as well as a range of climates, topographies and soils in which it is grown, the...

Coffee Buying Guide (Part 2) - Understanding Coffee Bags

...The world of speciality coffee, where there’s so much terminology, so many definitions, and so many descriptors that you often won’t come across when purchasing any other type of food or drink product...

Coffee Buying Guide (Part 1) - Freshness

...If you’re just getting into coffee in a serious way then it’s important to understand the role freshness plays in coffee beans and how such a factor can be misleading, especially when shopping for coffee at the supermarkets or large stores...

Dialling In Your Espresso Coffee: Grind Size

...Here we’re focussing on espresso coffee, which is arguably the fiddliest brew method to get right with grind size being one of the most crucial determining factors - amongst other things of course. However, if you get the grind size right then you’re most of the way there...