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Coffee Processing: Honey Process Coffees (Pt.3)

From a coffee drinker’s point of view, the key thing to remember when you see a honey processed listing is to expect a sweeter coffee with less acidity, or as many consider, a process somewhere in between natural and washed.

Coffee Processing: Natural Coffees (Pt.2)

If you like your coffee sweet and fruity then we would recommend considering naturally processed coffees. As we mentioned with washed coffees, some coffee drinkers love funkier, fruitier coffees, whilst others simply don't. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

Coffee Processing: Washed Coffees (Pt.1)

There are a few different processing methods and we’ll be covering three, but to begin, we’ll start with the washed coffee method given this is perhaps the most common one and is hugely popular in the speciality coffee industry.

SL28 & SL34 Coffee Varietals. Why They're So Popular

...The ‘SL’ name is derived from the Scott Laboratories research programme that was operating in Kenya in the 1920’s and 30’s...The original and most sought-after SL variety that was discovered during this study was the SL28 variety...

How To Taste Coffee

...In this article we want to start talking about the ever-controversial but crucial topic of tasting coffee. We say controversial because how industry professionals describe the taste of coffee can often alienate consumers...

Coffee Profiles By Continent

...We continue our exploration of coffees characteristics. This time we turn our attention to the different coffee producing continents. The way coffee is grown, where it is grown, and how it is harvested and processed differs from continent to continent...

Introduction To Coffee Varietals & Species

In its most simplest form, coffee is harvested from the Coffea shrub. This shrub produces the berries from which coffee is extracted. The two most commercial species are Arabica and Canephora, or more commonly known, Robusta.

Instant Coffee vs. Speciality Coffee

...whilst the cost is typically higher with speciality coffee, it is widely available and there are methods which are convenient. For example, when we're at home we tend to make either a French Press or V60. These, unlike espresso-based drinks, such as Flat White's, don't require a wide range of...