Coffee Origins: Ethiopia

 Coffee Origins: Ethiopia

Ethiopian Coffee Origins. A Quick Highlight Of The Country

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffees, whilst complex, are often characterised as being diverse and able to develop an array of flavours from citrus, bergamot and floral through to fruity or even tropical tones. Depending on the technique being employed to process the coffee, the end result can vary from being clean and elegant right through to unique and unusual. Discover Ethiopian coffees on the GUSTATORY marketplace.

A Special Place

Did you know that this African country is the most populous landlocked nation in the world? Perhaps not everyone's first guess, Ethiopia is certainly a special place...

Their Own Way Of Life

Ethiopia relies on camels for transportation, agriculture and exports...such a far cry from the Western world, but would they change that with sunsets like this?

Diverse Landscapes

A nation full of natural contrasts, some of Ethiopia’s land is fertile and forested, whilst Dallol is the world’s hottest settlement. Wow, just wow.

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GUSTATORY Curation TeamMarch 09, 2020