Coffee Origins: Costa Rica

 Coffee Origins: Costa Rica

Costa Rican Coffee Origins. A Quick Highlight Of The Country

Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rican coffees are often characterised by being cleaner and lighter bodied than most, as well as typically having sweeter undertones. Discover Costa Rican coffees on the GUSTATORY marketplace.

Coastal Havens

Such beautiful beaches as these can be found on this stretch of South America, directly translating from Spanish as 'Rich Coast', all of which are coastal havens.

Monkey'ing Around...

Monkeys can be found all over Costa Rica, but sadly all the four local species are considered endangered. This Capuchin monkey is perhaps the most common.

Century-Old Traditions

At a local coffee plantation we can see how the coffee plants are grown in pots. Such a produce has played a significant role in the economy of Costa Rica for centuries.

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GUSTATORY Curation TeamDecember 28, 2019