Coffeehouse Review: Rosslyn, London

 Coffeehouse Review: Rosslyn, London

Rosslyn Cafe Founded By Two Former Caravan Roasters Employees

Rosslyn, London  |  By Mike Lyons

On a recent London excursion, we popped into Rosslyn Coffee, which is located on Queen Victoria Street in the City of London. This shop was founded by two Australians, James Hennebry and May Russell, who had both previously worked at Caravan Coffee Roasters – if that little mention has made you keen for a bit of Caravan, then you’ll be pleased to know we have recently added them to marketplace. I know, we’re building quite the selection - discover Caravan's coffees.

As you move inside this compact but well-lit space (conveniently located next door to a Shake Shack – mmm a sumptuous treat), you’ll see they’ve opted for a minimalist décor with stripped back, nicely exposed brickwork, accentuated by the strong natural light from the ceiling high front windows, all of which makes for a fresh and easy space to relax inside.

Upon reading this, you might have thought Rosslyn Coffee were just trying to achieve aesthetic bliss within this space, but boy would you be wrong - operational efficiency was also high on the agenda. With an ‘in’ and an ‘out’ door system that just makes take out coffee a complete breeze, they’ve really made the most of the space.

Visit Rosslyn Of Londons Golden Triangle

Turning to the menu, you’ll see very reasonable prices, with flat whites (brewed with Rosslyn’s tasty home roast beans) coming in at £3.00. As you’d expect from a hip Central London space, these guys also offer a plethora of alternative milks, which means all are welcome here. The shop not only sells a very healthy selection of pastries and treats (the brownies can be thoroughly recommended) but also a strong selection of beans from Square Mile, Modern Standard and Colonna, as well as a few coffee related magazines (for example, Drift) and their very own Rosslyn Coffee reusable mugs.

So, if you're milling around the around the Golden Triangle area of London, this place is hands down worth popping into. With espressos pulled via a Synesso Hydra and their batch brew created via a filter method, this well-respected coffee shop is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. If that’s not enough then (nothing will be-at) their range of coffees and the knowledge of their attentive staff. The only difficulty you’ll have is leaving.

Inside Londons Rosslyn Coffee Cafe
Rosslyn Coffee Cafe Serving Square Mile Colonna And Modern Standard Coffee

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