Coffee Origins: Bolivia

 Coffee Origins: Bolivia

Bolivian Coffee Origins. A Quick Highlight Of The Country

Bolivian Coffee

Bolivian coffee is often characterised as having clean flavour profiles with a certain sweetness to them. Fruity notes are also found to develop. Discover Bolivian coffees on the GUSTATORY marketplace.

Colourful World Wonders

Sur Lipez is a part of Bolivia known for it's red coloured lakes and salt pans with its largest a total of 6km in diameter at 4300m above sea level.

Extraordinary History

Isla Del Sol is a tiny island located within Lake Titicaca and is home to many Incan sites. Rocky, harsh and hilly, such an island is particularly known for it's eucalyptus trees.

Land vs. Urbanscapes

La Paz is the highest altitude capital in the entire world and in some places is up to 3700m above sea level. An impressive city by all means, La Paz sits beautifully beneath Mt. Illimani.

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