Coffee From Bolivia, Brazil & Peru

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GUSTATORY Coffee From Bolivia, Brazil & Peru
GUSTATORY Coffee From Bolivia, Brazil & Peru

Coffee From Bolivia, Brazil And Peru

Brazil is considered the biggest exporter of coffee in the world, and with a climate ideal for coffee and such a huge landmass at their disposal, it's easy to see why Brazil has been able to achieve such a feat. The more desirable Brazilian coffees tend to be heavily bodied, sweet and low in acidity, with prominent notes often being described as chocolatey or nutty. By contrast, Bolivia's coffee is characterised as having clean flavour profiles with a certain sweetness to them; although not particularly common, fruity notes can develop. Peru, much like Bolivia, offers coffee that is also clean, albeit rather soft and flat. Though widely considered to lack complexity, Peruvian coffee makes amends by being notably sweet and heavy bodied, much like those produced in Colombia.

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