Coffeehouse Review: Association Coffee, London

 Coffeehouse Review: Association Coffee, London

Tucked Away Within London Discover Association Coffee

Association Coffee, London  |  By Mike Lyons

Often the best coffee shops are the ones tucked away from it all. Within the locally known ‘Square Mile’, Association Coffee is just that shop and is just a stone’s throw from the Gherkin – well, probably more that of the Long Distance Stone Throwing Champion 2020. She’d definitely make that shot. She’s got such precision. God, that was a great championship. Anyway, turning down this quiet back street, we initially thought we’d taken a wrong turn, until Association Coffee bamboozles you. It’s huge floor to ceiling windows let you know that this this is the chic coffee shop you’ve been searching for.

Moving inside, you’ll see it is very well presented - exposed brick, classic bare floorboards and a number of mirrors, which really help to make this space seem much bigger than it actually is. Those huge front windows also ensure that as much natural light as possible pours in, especially given the cafe's location next to a number of light-hogging buildings.

Exposed Brick And Mirrors Of Association Coffee House

Like all the great coffee shops, it’s the kind of space you could nip in for a coffee, pick up a magazine, watch the world go by for a while and before you know it, 2 hours have flown by. Warm lighting and a steady flow of people to watch outside (if you get a front seat in the window) make this space a great little morning spot, especially on cold winter mornings!

The shop isn’t just a pretty face either, the coffee selection here is solid. Square Mile – obviously - coffee roasters sit pride of place as the home bean, with the roasts rotated every now and then to mix things up. On our visit, we opted for a flat whites with their Luis Alberto roast, which is a sweet (and strong) tasting variety, that was finished with expertly textured milk from one of Association Coffees baristas. Bravo.

Association Coffee With Takeout Square Mile Coffee
Chic Decor Of Association Coffee House

Prices are also very reasonable here, with a flat whites costing just £2.95, which is exceptional considering the quality of coffee being delivered and the fact it’s located just a 10 minute walk from Tower Bridge. Like many places these days, alternative milks are also on offer. Association Coffee also offer a big selection of teas as well so coffee purists can once again be seen out in public with their non-coffee drinking friends.

All in all, it’s a great spot. The only downside is that, due to its location in the City of London, this place isn’t open on the weekends (just to clarify, there is no rule against being open on weekends in the City of London, its just unlikely given that the majority of the population in this part of London are workers whom wouldn’t be there on weekends) so be sure to drop by in the week. If you do pop in, we really recommend going for the ham and cheese croissant - it’s a real winner. So much so that we couldn’t even get a photo as it lasted a mere 50 seconds max!

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