Coffee Origins: Kenya

 Coffee Origins: Kenya

Kenyan Coffee Origins. A Quick Highlight Of The Country

Kenyan Coffee

Kenyan coffee is often characterised by being bright and fruity, as well as being sweet and acidic. Discover Kenyan coffees on the GUSTATORY marketplace.

Markets As Communities

This market can be found in Lamu, one of Kenya’s various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Aren’t markets such an interesting insight into local cultures.

Beautiful Wildlife

The Amboseli National Park boasts being 39,000 hectares in size and is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife you can imagine.

Charity Energies

Found in the north of Kenya, Kargi has been the focus of many charities in recent years. It is such places and communities where many of our partners focus many of their own charity efforts.

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GUSTATORY Curation TeamJanuary 12, 2021