7 Coffee Roasters & Their Efforts For The Environment

 7 Coffee Roasters & Their Efforts For The Environment

7 Roasters And Their Efforts For The Environment

Caravan Coffee Roasters  |  London, UK

Caravan love everything about coffee. Their aim is to source the best quality green coffee they can in the most sustainable, social and environmental way. As coffee roasters, Caravan are responsible for translating a coffees unique taste and heritage, using their hard earned expertise to achieve this, which has been founded on the framework of education and trial and error.

Caravan Coffee Roasters And Their Environmental Efforts

Positive reinforcement is key when it comes to changing behaviour with negative implications. Thats why for those eco-warriors with their own reusable cup, Caravan currently offer 50p off your drink. For all those without one, do not fear as Caravan also has you covered. Loyalty cards are available to all those that would like one. Best thing about these is that once a customer has a fully stamped loyalty card, they can exchange it it for a reusable cup with their choice of coffee inside. Or, if you have neither a reusable cup or loyalty card, then Caravan have also made the switch to 100% compostable cups for all their takeaway consumers. Good job guys.

Calendar Coffee Roasters  |  Galway, Ireland

Calendar believe everyone should be able to enjoy quality coffee and that this experience should be inclusive and accessible for all. Green coffee freshness is one of the biggest determinants of roasted coffee quality and like most fruits it tastes best when picked ripe and consumed fresh. Calendar want to show people just how special coffee can be and how it can help make an everyday routine extraordinary. Both their coffee and their wonderfully bizarre packaging make make for a truly unique coffee experience.

Calendar Coffee Roasters And Their Environmental Efforts

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of everything Calendar do - they have made commitment to keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum and making decisions that benefit both the people and planet that we all depend on. As a proud member of 1% for the planet, which is a growing global movement of individuals and businesses coming together to protect the future of our planet, whether they make a profit or not, they're committed to giving 1% of their sales to support the work of environmental non-profits.

In addition to this, as temperatures are rising, coffee farming is becoming increasingly difficult and less profitable for many producers across the globe. World Coffee Research is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide farmers with the tools, knowledge, and plants necessary to adapt to our changing climate. Calendar work have decided to support World Coffee Research by donating €0.50 from every kilogram of TEAMWORK Seasonal Espresso they sell - marvellous stuff guys, well done.

Redroaster Coffee Roasters  |  Brighton, UK

Redroaster Coffee Roasters believes that people need at least one excellent coffee a day. Coffee is about more than whats in your cup though, its about how you enjoy that coffee. Thats why they created the botanical paradise that is their Brighton cafe at the bottom of St James Street, all with the help of world interiors designer of the year Hana Hakim. As if you needed a reason to visit Brighton, we've now given you one. Nature, sustainability and good health. Enjoy.

Redroaster Coffee Roasters And Their Environmental Efforts

With all that time spent focusing on sublime coffee and an interior to match, you'd think Redroaster just wouldn't have any time for eco-friendly practices. Oh, how wrong you are. These are a few of the practices they employ:

    • Chaff from roasting goes to local allotment holders;
    • Pallets get used by local wood store companies and turned into furniture;
    • All their grain pro bags back to Rwanda 3 x per year so farmers can save money and recycle;
    • Where possible, coffee is delivered by cycle bikes to reduce CO2;
    • Coffee is sourced direct from the worlds first carbon neutral farm in Costa Rica;
    • All their coffee is now delivered in reusable or recyclable containers.

Red Bank Coffee Roasters  |  Cumbria, UK

Red Bank is driven by three key principles - quality, traceability and sustainability. We select only coffees that demonstrate high levels of each of these criteria to roast on our eco-friendly Loring at our base in the heart of the Lake District. We roast each coffee as sympathetically as possible to allow the inherent qualities to express themselves fully in the cup. We hope you enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy sourcing and roasting it for you!

Redbank Coffee Roasters And Their Environmental Efforts

Red Bank are friendly folk, but they're also eco-friendly folk - god, we're good - so here's a few of the practices they employ:

  • Their Penny Rock coffee is sourced from Daterra, which is one of the most sustainable coffee farms in the world;
  • All their coffee is roasted on a Loring S15 Falcon. Loring roasters are the most environmentally-friendly commercial roasters available;
  • All their electricity is supplied by Ecotricity and comes from 100% renewable source.

MOK Coffee Roasters  |  Leuven, Belgium

MOK Coffee are a micro roastery from Belgium. They always aim for the very best roasting and brewing to bring you the finest coffee experience. All of their coffee is roasted on a Giesen W15, which means they roast in small batches of 10 - 15kg. Roasting in such small volumes allows MOK to fully control the roasting process, making sure that the tasting profile of the bean is just right. Also, thanks to a close relationship with coffee traders, they always know the origin of their coffee beans.

MOK Coffee Roasters And Their Environmental Efforts

Keen not to put the MOK-kers on their roasting efforts, MOK have invested in CO2 reducing projects with the aim of making their packaging CO2 neutral. In turn, they make sure that these projects benefit local communities in coffee producing countries, which ensures they have the resources the factor in positive environmental practices to their operations. Back at base in their cafe, MOK have switched their offering to being purely vegan - not necessarily a coffee related switch, but the positive environmental effects of a plant based diet are certainly well documented (providing we exclude processed foods).

April Coffee Roasters  |  Copenhagen, Denmark

April Coffee Roasters are an innovative roastery rooted in Copenhagen with the vision of progressing the way they their roast coffee. They believe that where you are matters and that it shapes you as a person and a company, which is why April established themselves in Copenhagen. April is simply a reflection of Patrik Rolf's interpretation of his beloved city. At April they focus on roasting coffee. It is their profession, but ultimately it is their passion.

April Coffee Roasters And Their Environmental Efforts

All that passion has lead to great coffee but not at the expense of operating in an eco-friendly manner. Patrik gave us a few ways he is ensuring the environment stays at the top of his agenda:

  • April roast on a Loring Smart Roast - most energy-efficient roaster on the market - minimising the use of electricity and gas;
  • All retail bags are 100% recyclable;
  • Bike deliveries are used as much as possible in Copenhagen. Oh how traditional.

Cloud Picker Coffee Roasters  |  Dublin, Ireland

Cloud Picker is Dublin City’s first micro coffee roastery, who hand roast to order on the esteemed Giesen roaster. Borne from passion, curiosity and the quest to create a unique coffee product for the Irish market. They believe in doing business in a sustainable, earth-forward way, our packaging where possible is 100% recyclable, 100% compostable or carbon neutral. The chaff, an organic by-product from the roasting process, is collected and used on local allotments to grow veg and more!

Cloud Picker Coffee Roasters And Their Environmental Efforts

Cloud Picker have factored in eco-friendly practices across the business. Within their cafe, cust can benefit from an eco-fuelled discount when opting to bring their own cup for coffees or a bowl for salads - re-use, re-use, re-use is the message. C can also benefit from perfectly frothed milk every time, which can be achieved at a fraction of the plastic container usage, all thanks to the Ubermilk system that uses a 10L bag system rather than 2L milk containers each time.

From a roastery perspective, Cloud Picker have opted for 100% recyclable, compostable and carbon neutral packing. Where possible, they also deliver using an 100% electric van. On top of this, their regular weekly clients receive reusable and returnable tubs to further reduce the environmental impact. They also offer their clients information/discussion evenings on topics coming such as the Conscious Cup Campaign, which is all around Cafe Sustainability and Waste Management. In the future, Cloud Picker aim to switch to a Loring roaster, which are famed as being the most environmentally friendly roasters in the world. Lovely stuff, really lovely stuff.

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