Saving Coffee Independents During Coronavirus

 Saving Coffee Independents During Coronavirus

Saving Coffee Independents During Coronavirus

By now, this will probably have been one of the many times you will have read about the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having on the coffee industry, as well a whole host of other industries. In truth, the impact of COVID-19 is widespread and the effects will be felt by all. That's why showing your support for independents operating within any industry is now more important than ever.

Since GUSTATORY's inception, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with many of the independents that are pioneering change and driving innovation within the coffee industry. However, many of these independents are now at risk and, in order for them to continue doing what they do best, they are relying on the valued consumers' support. They don’t have the resources and cash reserves that many of the larger corporations are able to draw on. They operate tight budgets and simply will not survive weeks on end without any revenue. All are operated by passionate, creative and committed individuals. Many of these individuals have families and people that depend on them. Your support keeps these people afloat, all of them. Wherever possible, we urge you to support them and to shop local and independent.

We’ve noted down a quick overview, outlining a few examples of what some independent coffee roasters are doing so they can to stay afloat and adjust to this bizarre new reality amidst coronavirus.

Independent Coffee Roaster's Efforts During The COVID19 Outbreak

Bould Brothers  |  Cambridge, UK

The Bould Brothers is the brainchild of Max and Alex, whom both have over 10 years combined experience working with speciality coffee. Their focussed attention to detail and tireless pursuit of quality has led them to where they are today - two locations that allow you bask in complete visual splendour and that help to really raise the game of quality food and drink in Cambridge.

However, in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the movement restrictions being implemented by the government, Bould Brothers now desperately need your support to keep what they’ve built alive and ensure they make it through the outbreak.

To do this, they’ve set up a Crowdfunder page where you can and pledge your support. For more information, please follow this link to their Crowdfunder. Without it, they may only be able to survive for a matter of weeks.

Yellow Bourbon  |  Northampton, UK

Roasting in the heart of Northampton's Cultural Quarter, Yellow Bourbon are independent roaster that we have had the pleasure of working with since our inception. For as long as they’re able to, they plan to keep their location on Angel St going.

Whilst not ideal, they have taken a few measures to help reduce the risk of the spreading the virus:

    • All customers will need to pay by card to avoid the team having to handle cash;
    • All drinks will be served in disposable cups, even for those sitting in;
    • For the time being, they’ll no longer be accepting reusable cups.

If you’re in the area or twiddling your thumbs online whilst working from home, please show your support for Yellow Bourbon. Apart from anything else, they’re good people, producing great coffee with packaging to match.

Pharmacie  |  Brighton, UK

Brighton based Pharmacie is another roaster that has been with us since our inception. Passionate, creative and caring people. However, like all roasters, the need to continue selling retail coffee is critical to their survival.

To help them do this, they’ve have teamed up with Brewed Roasters, who are setting up Black Rain Coffee Deliveries and delivering coffee to those not wanting to leave their house. If you’re based in the East Sussex area, this really is a great initiative and one that keeps independents like Pharmacie doing what they do best. If you can, please do support.

Above all, please keep yourselves safe and well. Let's all get through this coronavirus pandemic together.

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GUSTATORY Curation TeamMarch 20, 2020