Barista & Co With A Trifector Of Charities

 Barista & Co With A Trifector Of Charities

Barista And Co Bournemouth Ethical Projects

Hello good people, we hope this finds you well. Welcome to another edition of GUSTAStories. So far these pieces have focused on our coffee roasters. Well, we’d like to mix it up slightly. This time our focus will be on a brand that facilitates the process of brewing that perfect cup with quality drinkware and kitchenware - none other than Barista & Co

Whilst Barista & Co are famous for their style-led, ethical collection of coffee equipment, look further and you shall find an ethos underpinned by a focus on ethical innovation. Through a trifector of charities they support under their ‘Pass it On Campaign’, Barista & Co are always looking at ways to give back. Giving back is vital and is all part of a companies corporate social responsibility and making positive impact within their immediate and wider community - suchlike is certainly a feature that GUSTATORY looks for in all our coffee roasters, tea makers and brands that are available on our marketplace.

Pass it On Campaign By Barista And Co

The first of the three charities that they support is called Project Waterfall, which aims to bring clean water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities around the world. Their mission is to unite the coffee industry and coffee consumers, all in an effort to give back to the coffee bean growing communities by investing in sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects. It seems almost criminal that we enjoy the cleanest water in our coffee, whilst communities involved at the very start of the supply chain are facing a water crisis.

Fortunately, since 2011, Project Waterfall has managed to raise over £1 million and in doing so has changed more than 50,000 lives in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. Barista & Co help support this work by donating to the charity every time a product is purchased from their Teal collection. I always knew there was something teal that I liked…

The second charity Barista & Co are involved in is called Trees For Life and is one that helps offset the brand's carbon footprint. Trees For Life is a conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands. Much like our partners at One Tree Planted, Trees For Life are committed to revitalising wild forest to provide space for wildlife to thrive and for communities to flourish. Barista & Co support Trees For Life by calculating its carbon footprint each year and planting four trees through the charity for every tonne of carbon used.

Finally, the third charity Barista & Co support is Hope For Food, a charity that addresses a seemingly ever-growing problem within communities here in the UK - homelessness. Hope For Food also support those that are living in poverty and help to get them back on their feet. Barista & Co get involved through a generous donation of coffee that is served in the charity’s soup kitchens, as well as regularly joining over 150 volunteers to serve up to 700 meals per week and support more than 400 families.

As you will have read, Barista & Co have fully embodied this idea of ethical innovation. Their operations are geared to support and sustain the environments in which they work, and for that, we truly recommend the brand for your next drinkware and accessories purchase. Keep up the good work guys!

Trees For Life By Barista And Co
Project Waterfall By Barista And Co

Hope For Food By Barista And Co

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GUSTATORY Curation TeamNovember 05, 2019