Colombia Jhon Alexander Bermudez Chiroso Coffee (#016)

Wholebeans, 250g only. Read more below
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Fruity Flavours / Notes
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Blueberry Hops & Boozey
Flavours & Notes
Coffee Specification
Bolivia Brazil Colombia Costa Rica
Dom. Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala
Honduras Nicaragua Panama Peru
Burundi Ethiopia Kenya Rwanda
Tanzania Uganda Indonesia Yemen
Region Antioquia
Producer Jhon Alexander Bermudez
Varietal Chiroso
Altitude 1900 masl
Brightness of Flavours
Full Bodied
Balance of Flavours
Dominant Flavours
Cup Score (SCA)
88 89 90 91
92 93 94-100 Undisclosed
Processing Method
Washed Natural Anaerobic Other
Roast Profile
Espresso Filter Omniroasted
More Information
What bag size(s) is this coffee available in? 250g
Does this include caffeine? Yes, this product contains caffeine
Is this coffee available as pre-ground? No, this is available as wholebeans only

About Colombia Jhon Alexander Bermudez Chiroso Coffee (#016)

About Sey Coffee RoastersDrink beautiful coffee. Sey are intensely interested in reimagining — both technologically and logistically — everything they have come to know about coffee. Sey are inspired by the boundlessness of possibility, and allow themselves the freedom to work with whatever coffees they find inspiring, no matter how high the cost or how small the lot. 

Sey intimately understand that they are only as good as the raw coffees they work with, and the majority of that burden is carried by the individuals who produce their extraordinary coffees. Sey work closely with their partners to steadily reinvest and improve upon the work they are doing at origin. Sey are committed to complete transparency in their practices to ensure that they are held accountable as they conduct business in an honest and forthright manner. Sey believe that informed consumers are essential to ensuring the sustainability of our industry.

Letting the coffees speak for themselves and building upon the dedicated work of their producing partners, Sey consider roasting to be a delicate procedure. Their approach to roast development ensures that the end product is nothing more — or less — than perfectly developed. Through continued analysis and the honing of roast profiles, Sey aim to deliver a crystal-clear expression of the inherent characteristics of each coffee at its absolute maximum potential.

Coffee InformationJhon Alexander Bermudez's Chiroso continues to have one of the most unique profiles Sey have found in Colombia. It is far more reminiscent of coffees they typically find in southern Ethiopia, packed with ripe blueberry, very bright acidity, and hops. Hand-picked at peak ripeness, this coffee has been floated to further remove defects. De-pulped on the day of harvest, fermented underwater for eight days, washed and dried on raised beds until moisture content reaches 10.5%.

Varietal InformationChiroso is a new variety being grown primarily in the region of Antioquia, Colombia. Sey only started hearing about its cultivation a couple of years ago, but because of its cup quality potential it is beginning to spread. The variety has been genetically identified as an Ethiopian Landrace, but Sey unfortunately cannot get any more specific than that at this time. Sey have been working very hard building a buying program in the region of Urrao specifically around the variety of Chiroso. They still don't know where or how this variety came to be cultivated in this particular region, but its cup quality is extraordinary. Sey will be working with our exporting partner The Coffee Quest to continue developing this project.

Farmer InformationJhon Alexander Bermudez lives on his farm with his wife and their two young daughters, working together as a family to keep the farm going. Urrao has long been one of Colombia's most exciting and under-represented coffee-growing regions. Though remote and historically challenging to work in, the region of Urrao presents extraordinary potential for cup quality through its extreme altitudes and the coffee variety grown there: the Ethiopian variety known colloquially as Chiroso. Sey have spent years developing a project in Urrao, and they can finally see the results of our work starting to take shape.

Cupping NotesRipe Blueberry / Very Bright Acidity / Hops

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Roasting On May 20th
  Rest Period
Shipped From May 31st
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