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Rare coffees. We've all heard mumblings of these but what truly defines a rare coffee? For the connoisseurs amongst us, it can be defined by exclusive micro lots, competition coffees or perhaps those coffees that have achieved the prestigious Cup of Excellence certification. In layman's terms, the translation is quite simply those coffees that provide you with that ‘Wow, I’m only drinking this for the rest of my life’ factor. We’re talking about those exquisite and mythical coffees that make you want to frolic in an unspoilt meadow, whilst losing yourself to the sweet melodies of Katherine Jenkins - feel like we may have overshared here so lets move swiftly on.

Due to the nature of these coffees, the bag sizes will vary so you may find that these are in smaller denominations than the coffees you'll see in our other selections. Fear not though as we recommend using this as an indication as to how these coffees should be enjoyed – less frequently and when you have the time to fully appreciate them. On that note, we'd also recommend investing in the right equipment and familiarising yourself with our brew guides to ensure you are able to truly bring these coffees to life.