Coffee From Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda

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GUSTATORY Coffee From Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda Africa

Coffee From Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

Three of these four medium-large countries sit along the east coast of Africa and have gained a renown reputation for producing notoriously complex coffee. Ethiopian coffee, whilst complex, is diverse and develops an array of flavours from citrus, bergamot and floral, to fruity or even tropical. Depending on the technique employed to process the coffee, the end result can vary from being clean and elegant, to unique and unusual. Kenyan coffee is bright and fruity, as well as sweet and acidic, not that dissimilar to much of the coffee produced around the world. Tanzania follows suit and is similar to the coffee types already described, equally bright, fruity and lively. By contrast, coffee from Uganda was almost unheard of not so long ago, however, has risen in popularity to now become the nation's top-earning export crop. Coffee from Uganda is often fair and well-balanced in all criteria.

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