Coffee From Colombia, Ecuador & Venezuela

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GUSTATORY Coffee From Colombia, Ecuador & Venezuela
GUSTATORY Coffee From Colombia, Ecuador & Venezuela

Coffee From Colombia, Ecuador And Venezuela

One of South America's coffee powerhouses, Colombia is also one of the world's biggest exporters of coffee and is renowned for its coffee production. The flavor spectrum within Colombia is particularly wide and diverse, with regional variations creating an exciting medley of coffees. Flavours can range from the heavier and more chocolatey notes through to the fruitier profiles that exhibit jam-like sweeter notes. Across the border, Ecuadorian coffee is increasingly complex, famed specifically for its sweetness, which is complemented by pleasant underlying acidity. Continuing that vein, more desirable Venezuelan coffee is also low in acidity, possessing a certain sweetness, and rich in terms of texture and a certain mouthfeel effect on the palette.

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