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Who said things originating from just one location can't be good? Whilst we agree that in an increasingly divided world, harmony is crucial to the longevity of the human race, we also think that there is merit in keeping things from one location – this is all sounding a little bit far-right manifesto but we assure you its not.

Single origin speciality coffees are simply those that are derived from one single producer, crop or region in one country. More often than not, single origin represents a certain level of quality that allows the unique character to shine through. As a result, in many cases we often find that single origin speciality coffees are roasted slightly lighter in an effort to bring out the more subtle aromas and tasting notes, as well possessing a slightly lighter more tea-like body. In any case, we suggest you see for yourself. After all, we’re all different.

Enjoy being single again with the GUSTATORY single origin coffee box subscription, available one, two or three bag monthly for filter or espresso, as wholebeans or pre-ground.

Example Single Origin Speciality Coffees (Curated & Updated Regularly) - View Full Listings, Tastes & Info

We like to surprise our subscribers and often send through even more exclusive and/or expensive coffees that are not listed. It's our treat.

Artisan Roast El Poste Wholebeans Coffee
Example/ Artisan Roast – El Poste This Maragogype comes from Dipilto, Nicaragua. This region, where high forested hills at Nicaragua's border with Honduras provide shade cover for coffee, is one pocket of the world that still grows such large beans. Quite a rarity!
Vagabond Fazenda Cachoeira Wholebeans Coffee
Example/ Vagabond – Fazenda Cachoeira Vagabond Roasters are dedicated to sourcing speciality coffees from around the world in the pursuit of quality and consistency, and this dense treacle and cocoa tasting coffee is the perfect roast.
Outpost Sitio Samambaia Wholebeans Coffee
Example/ Outpost - Sitio Samambaia Source. Roast. Brew. Educate. Outpost Coffee Roasters are explorers of exceptional (specialty coffee) tastes, and this is quite the example of their expertise...
Quarter Horse AMACA Wholebeans Coffee
Example/ Quarter Horse – AMACA Offering fantastic support towards such a great cause, this AMACA Women Producers' single origin coffee offers notes of rich syrupy sweetness, caramelised sugar and apple. Perfect, twice.

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About The Currently Listed Single Origin Speciality Coffees (Curated & Updated Regularly)

We like to surprise our subscribers and often send through even more exclusive and/or expensive coffees that are not listed. It's our treat.

Filter Coffees:

1/ Right Side - Yirgachefe Hirout
Origin: Yirgachefe, Ethiopia.
Flavours: Complex. Bergamot, jasmine, green tea, orange, peach and blackberry.
Process: Washed.
Altitude: 1800 metres above sea level.
2/ Quarter House – AMACA
Origin: El Tambo, Colombia.
Flavours: Rich syrupy sweetness, caramelised sugar and green apple.
Process: Washed.
3/ Vagabond – Fazenda Cachoeira
Origin: Minas Gerias, Brazil.
Flavours: Black plum, chocolate ganache, biscuit and alcoholic boozy.
Process: Natural.
Altitude 1105 metres above sea level.
4/ Kiss the Hippo – Ethiopia Hunkute
Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia.
Flavours: Apricot, lemon blossom and blueberry juice.
Acidity: Vibrant and bright.
Process: Washed.
Altitude: 1900 – 2100 metres above sea level.

Espresso Coffees:

1/ Outpost - Sitio Samambaia
Origin: Machado, Brazil.
Flavours: Fig rolls, tropical fruits and buttery.
Process: Natural.
Altitude 1650 - 1850 metres above sea level.
2/ Artisan Roast – El Poste
Origin: Dipilto, Nicaragua.
Flavours: Sweet toffee, blanched almond, white grape and orange citrus.
Body: Elegant.
Process: Fully washed.
Altitude: 1200 - 1700 metres above sea level.