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Mixing it up is keeping things fresh, keeping things interesting and keeping you guessing right up until that moment you (presumably) tear open our subscription package in a mad, youthful fit of excitement, screaming “This! Is! Living!”. Our specific subscription packages offer something for those that know what they want - our connoi-sure’s shall we say. However, some people don’t know what they want or simply cannot decide. Well, whether you’re just looking for variety or you’re one of our connoi-not-so-sure’s, we’ll provide you with the spread you need, with the Selected Mix package featuring coffees from across all others, whether dark, light, single origin or blended.

What's better is after you’ve received your delivery, you can tell us what you do and don’t like. That way we can ensure the surprise is at least one you’re going to be happy, like a fiver in the pocket of the trousers you haven’t worn for ages, rather than one you won’t be happy about, like an overly ripe avocado - devastating. Surprise yourself with the GUSTATORY selected mix coffee box subscription, available in 1, 2 or 3 coffee bag quantities, as either wholebeans or pre-ground, all tailored to your chosen brewing method and flavour preferences - personalise your very own European Coffee Tour during your subscription checkout.

Fjord Duromina Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Fjord (DE)
Climpson And Sons Fields Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Climpson & Sons (UK)
DAK De La Gente Wholebeans Coffee
Example | DAK (NL)
Artisan Roast Trigonometry Blend Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Artisan Roast (UK)
Curated & Varied, Different Coffees Every Month

Every month promises a curated selection of speciality coffees from an ever-evolving variety of Europe's most acclaimed coffee roasters - view past featured roasters

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