Selected Mix Coffee Subscription

The Selected Mix Espresso and Filter Speciality Coffee Subscription

Surprise Yourself Each Month With Our Selected Mix Coffees

Mixing it up is keeping things fresh, keeping things interesting and keeping you guessing right up until that moment you (presumably) tear open our subscription package in a mad, youthful fit of excitement, screaming “This! Is! Living!”.

Our focused subscription packages are aimed at those that know what they want, our connoi-sure’s shall we say. However, some people don’t know what they want or simply cannot decide. Well, whether you’re just looking for variety or you’re one of our connoi-not-so-sure’s, we’ll provide you with the spread you need.

What's better is after you’ve received your delivery, you can tell us what you do and don’t like. That way we can ensure the surprise is at least one you’re going to be happy, like a fiver in the pocket of the trousers you haven’t worn for ages, rather than one you won’t be happy about, like an overly ripe avocado - devastating. Surprise yourself with the GUSTATORY selected mix coffee box subscription, available one, two or three bag monthly for filter or espresso, as wholebeans or pre-ground. All subscriptions are dispatched every month's first Monday to ensure coffee freshness from all our UK and international coffee roasters (all subscribers are consolidated into the same dispatch period irrespective of payment cycles). Enjoy...

New Coffees Feature Every Month  |  Four Example Selected Mix Speciality Coffees (view tasting notes)

This package is unique in featuring coffees from all our other packages to allow for the ultimate surprise and mix. Every month promises a variety of coffees from many UK and international roasters - our curation team matches your package selection and flavour preferences.

Flying Horse Peru El Gallito Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Flying Horse (UK) – Peru El Gallito Characterized by tones of apple and nectatine to contrast with caramel, this minimally packaged Peruvian coffee makes for a superbly well-rounded, very reliable daily cup experience...
Brew Coffee Plus PB Handege Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Brew Coffee Plus (UK) - PB Handege Produced by numerous smallholder farmers, this PB - or 'peaberry' - comes from just 5% of the season's crop, whereby having oval shaped beans is certainly peculiar (and tasty!).
Artisan Roast Trigonometry Blend Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Artisan Roast (UK) – Trigonometry Blend These Brazilian and two Ethiopians coffees come together beautifully in this blend to give a robust and transparent brew that works as well for espresso as it does for a pour over! Give it a try...
Quarter Horse Dark Horse Wholebeans Coffee
Example | Quarter Horse (UK) – Dark Horse This house blend changes components seasonally, with the goal of making an espresso that is a building block for a wonderful milk based beverage, as well as interesting and complex on its own.

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Example Selected Mix Speciality Coffees. Tasting Notes

Other Packages' Filter & Espresso Coffees:

1/ Flying Horse (UK) – Peru El Gallito
Origin: Cajamarca, Peru.
Flavours: Red apple, nectarine and caramel.
Body: Good balance.
Process: Washed.
Altitude: 1350 - 1890 metres above sea level.
Great For: Superb all-rounder.
3/ Brew Coffee Plus (UK) - PB Handege
Origin: Kiambu County, Kenya.
Flavours: Forest fruit, blackcurrant, rose water, floral, elderflower.
Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds.
Altitude: 1800 metres above sea level.
3/ Artisan Roast (UK) – Trigonometry Blend
Origin/Blend: 80% Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, 20% Serra Rica, Brazil.
Flavours: Blueberry, raisin and ginger.
Body: Delicate.
Process: Washed and natural.
Altitude: 1800 - 1950 metres above sea level.
Great For: Excellent black or through milk.
4/ Quarter Horse (UK) – Dark Horse
Origin/Blend: Dark Horses house espresso blend changes components seasonally. Currently: 50% Guatemala Ceiba, 30% Brazil Espirito Santo, 20% PNG Kunjin.
Great For: An espresso that is a building block for a wonderful milk based espresso beverage, as well as interesting and complex on its own.