Wunder Workshop

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GUSTATORY Wunder Workshop
GUSTATORY Wunder Workshop

Wunder Workshop Artisan Drinks Makers

Wunder Workshop are a London based functional food brand making organic and ethically sourced turmeric based products, focusing on consumption with purpose, by harvesting the power of plants for the ultimate wellness ritual. 'Wunder' Workshop translates to miracle, and the brand focused on plants that have a quality that can be classed as such.

Inspired by Ayurveda, the "Science of Life", whose principles are based upon a preventive and holistic approach to health. The brand uses functional ingredients to maximize life‘s potential, enabling you to live better, work harder and to be stronger (for longer!). Wunder Workshop wants their Golden Mylk® range to be good for their customers as well as the planet and the people who provide their ingredients. All the decisions that are made at Wunder Workshop are based on a set of ethical and sustainable values to promote a transparent relationship between grower and consumer.

The brand ethically source all their organic turmeric and most of their other ingredients directly from small community farms in Sri Lanka that use a sustainable farming technique called Forest Gardening, supporting Sri Lanka's natural biodiversity, its farmers and local community. Wunder Workshop have set goals in making turmeric part of everyone's daily diet, to cultivate an awareness about where their food comes from, to only use sustainable farming techniques that are good for the grower, environment and consumer; equally so, to educate people about food as a functional tool to enrich their bodies, to create a healthier world where people feel at their fullest potential, and to change the attitude from curing disease to preventing disease.