We Are Here

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We Are Here Speciality Coffee Roasters

Well, We Are Here have 12 GCSE's A-C (mainly C's but if you put a hyphen in between A and C no one really knows shh), and they're good at working on our own AND in a team, whilst their biggest weakness is PERFECTION and yes, they agree, jaffa cakes AREN'T biscuits. To state the obvious THEY LOVE COFFEE, like loads, but they're bored with all the doo-dars and chit-chat that comes with it. Yes you like coffee but you don't need to bang on about it. Why over complicate a drink that you make when you're sleepy? It makes no sense.

Located in London, We Are Here are determined to never use silly words - why do you need to know what altitude your coffee was grown at? Or what type of fruit it tastes like? You don't, so they've taken them away. And, just because there's no silly words doesn't mean it isn't good coffee. We Are Here's beans are what's called 'specialty grade' which means they're really good quality and farmers don't get screwed over.