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GUSTATORY The Cloth Filter Co

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Save trees, save money, make delicious coffee, The Cloth Filter Co introduce cloth coffee filters made from an organic hemp and cotton blend.

Why use a cloth coffee filter? It’s reusable, and if you drink quite a bit of filter coffee (one a day, more?), that’s a lot of paper to be getting through. With a cloth filter, you can get hundreds of uses out of a single product, reducing pollution from manufacturing and transport and saving you some money. Equally, the coffee tastes delicious, in which cloth filters are like the perfect middle ground between paper and metal. The holes are larger than in paper, so they let through more of the fats that add flavour and body, but small enough to not let through the sediment that makes it into the cup with a metal filter.

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The coffee industry is in crisis. Informed purchases are needed

Issue: Coffee prices are in crisis, which threatens the very existence of many coffee producers, and so, the future of coffee globally.For more: GUSTATORY on Sky News Radio (Interview)
Our Answer: Informed purchasing of coffee from the independent coffee roasters available through GUSTATORY's coffee subscriptions are encouraged. Through direct-to-source relationships, roasters are able to protect their supply chains from the effects of price volatility as they form special relationships with producers. These relationships also protect producers as roasters often commit to fixed term and fixed price contracts, which give producers certainty. This certainty is what producers need in order to not only survive but thrive, committing to sustainable practices and addressing other global problems that are threatening the industry such as climate change.

Make their commitment your commitment. Support independent coffee roasters and you’ll be making a difference before you even have your first cup of coffee.