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TERRONE & Co. Speciality Coffee Roasters

Italian without convention. Since 2012, Terrone & Co. has done more than follow the crowd. Tired of over-roasted, poorly-sourced Italian coffee, they decided to change the game. Today they are a roastery based in Tottenham, North London, Sourcing the most delicious, fresh crops, they roast a carefully curated selection of the world's best specialty coffees. And they think they do a pretty good job, too.

All of Terrone & Co.'s coffee is roasted on a state-of-the-art Giesen W15. With a maximum capacity of just 15kg, the upmost care and craft is put into every batch. People say that Italian coffee can never be considered specialty. They disagree. Combining the most advanced roasting techniques with the tradition and ritual that first emerged in coffee bars of Italy, their coffee is distinct and delicious. They roast light. Unapologetically so; they believe that the best roasting practices preserve the unique flavours, aromas and textures of a coffee. Terrone & Co. want you to taste the coffee, not the roast.