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GUSTATORY Teministeriet
GUSTATORY Teministeriet

Teministeriet Tea Makers

Teministeriet is a specialty tea brand from Malmö, Sweden. With roots from the island of Formosa, Teministeriet combines age-old tea traditions of the Far East with Scandinavian minimalism, design and flair. Of Teministeriet's ethos, cofounder Kathryn Brown’s says, 'My dream was to take everything I’ve learned about tea while growing up in Taiwan and recreating it with the flavours and design esthetics of Scandinavia where I now live and love.'

From Chinese Bai-Mu-Dan white tea with familiar fragrances of elderflower and champagne to a green Sencha with wild berries of the north, each of Teministeriet's tea is a reflection of its multicultural inspiration.