Sweet Revolution

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GUSTATORY Sweet Revolution
GUSTATORY Sweet Revolution

Sweet Revolution Artisan Drinks Makers

Sweet Revolution are on a mission to stir-up the hot drinks market with their range of alternative lattes! The brand has created a range of easy-to-make alternative lattes using the highest quality ingredients, with an emphasis on ethically-produced, organic wholefoods, which are delicious and nutritious. Every product is designed to nourish your body and feed your soul!

What’s in each product is just as important as what’s not, and Sweet Revolution source the finest quality organic ingredients, all ethically sourced from their native habitat and grown in the most nutrient-dense soils from every corner of the globe. Sweet Revolution make sure to understand how, where and by whom every ingredient is produced. Everything is sourced not only for its suitablility for the recipe but also for all the fabulous things it contains. Everything is plant-based, processed as little as possible and many are used in their raw state.

Initially launching with a range of raw chocolate bars, Sweet Revolution have diversified into organic superfood drinks, looking at new and innovative ideas to take delicious hot drinks to the next level!