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STOW Speciality Coffee Roasters

STOW coffee roastery was born in 2015 and their commitment to changing the culture of drinking coffee represents a different way of offering coffee on the market. They buy hand-picked coffee directly from farmers and small farmers' cooperatives. Treating coffee as a seasonal fruit, STOW coffee roastery roast their coffees in their own special way to achieve these highly unique flavours - offering it in their cafes as soon after roasting as possible, this is when the coffee reaches it's peak of its own taste and freshness.

Cafe STOW is focused on offering freshly roasted Specialty coffee. The roasters want to allow their guests to taste coffee in a way they have never been used to. In addition to seasonal coffees from renowned boutique farms, they often offer a limited series of the most exotic and prestigious coffees. The rich coffee offer is complemented by a menu of cascare and coffee flowers. The café also offers sweet and savory pies, wines and beers from Slovenian microbreweries, and so STOW coffee roastery is really quite a Slovenian experience.