Pacamara Coffee Lab

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GUSTATORY Pacamara Coffee Lab
GUSTATORY Pacamara Coffee Lab

Pacamara Coffee Lab Speciality Coffee Roasters

Pacamara Coffee Lab was born from the dream of 2 people, passionate about a product, who wanted to take part in the evolution towards a more fair and sustainable industry as well as sharing their passion with everyone around them. With that in mind, they source our beans from creative and dedicated farmers, trying our best to highlight their labour by roasting carefully each batch and offering training to the barista preparing your beverage.

Pacamara Coffee Lab is a coffee variety, hybrid of PACAS and MARAGOGYPE. Besides being identifiable by its abnormally big size it’s also notable for its outstanding flavour characteristics. For them it is the perfect example of the evolution of the coffee industry in the last decade. From being a commodity product surrounded by secrecy and mysticism with consumers and baristas not really knowing what happens earlier on in the supply chain, coffee producing is now on the way of transparency, collaboration, fairness and quality focus to a point where we understand botanical varieties as well as processing, roasting and brewing.

From the farmer to the barista every contact with human hand will have an impact on the taste of the cup you drink, therefore they aim to bring you a product with a traceable ethical supply chain and a flavour that will reflect all the care given by so many human beings along its travel.

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