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Ngopi Speciality Coffee Roasters

Ngopi is an independent coffee shop and munch located in Birmingham City Centre. Ngopi are here to fill the void of Indonesian-inspired food and coffees due to the lack of dedicated Indonesian cafes or restaurants around the Midlands. Owned by humble Indonesians, Ngopi opened its doors for coffee enthusiast in July 2018. The brand itself accounts for the act of drinking coffee. In Indonesia, they say "Ngopi Yuk!" to the other parties to ask them to have a coffee with us, that is why our tagline is 'Let's Ngopi!'

At Ngopi, they offer some of the highly popular menu in our homeland such as Es Kopi Susu, Teh Tarik, Matcha Latte and Milo Chocolate alongside familiar coffee menu such as Cappuccino, Latte or Flat white. Other than coffee, Ngopi also serves authentic Indonesian light meals with modern twist such as Gado-Gado, Bakso, Risol, Pisang Bakar and more. If you are up to a truly authentic and unique Indonesian feast, just pop-in to their store and they'll serve you their best products.