Le Chocolat Des Français

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GUSTATORY Le Chocolat Des Français
GUSTATORY Le Chocolat Des Français

Le Chocolat des Francais Chocolate Makers

Ever since 2004, co-founders Matthieu and Paul-Henri met on the benches of a great Parisian art school. Friendly love at first sight was instantaneous for these two illustration buffs who, a few years later, meet Vincent. All three gourmets, together they quickly discover a common point of choice: chocolate! Next, all of them launched into a new active life, where their futures seemed to be all mapped out...And yet, their passions for chocolate and design quickly regained the upper hand. They tackle everything and come together around a beautiful project that they have always had in mind: to revitalize French chocolate expertise and dust it off by bringing a little freshness and lots of colour!

Determined to make this French chocolate know-how known to the whole world, they set out to conquer the best ingredients and artisans from France. At the same time, to bring a touch of humour and a quirky style to these amazing chocolates, they call on many artists, from the youngest talents in illustration to the sacred monsters of comics. All are won over and willingly lend their pen to illustrate the very first cases of Chocolat des Français with the sole brief: 'your best nod to French culture'. From there, Le Chocolat des Francais was born and continues to evolve and make us laugh.