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Kuka Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Kuka have created cold brew coffee in it's purest form. Kuka concentrate allows you to make coffee just how you like it. Mix it, Blended it, Shake it, Combine it... It's really up to you. Good coffee is about fulfilment. Fulfilment is based on opinion and we're all different. We have got you covered however you like to enjoy your coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee is a simple, brewing process using roasted beans left to rest for 18 hours in cold filtered water. At Kuka, we use only the softest natural spring water and the best green coffee on the market that we roast especially for the cold brewing process. The result is a delicate blend of rich, fruity flavours, that maintain a depth and complexity without the bitterness. The brew gives a natural energy boost with none of the bad bits, its sugar free, dairy free and vegan friendly. Espresso strength, Clean caffeine, Sugar free, Vegan.