Henny & Joes

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GUSTATORY Henny & Joes
GUSTATORY Henny & Joes

Henny & Joes Artisan Drinks Makers

Henny & Joe’s award winning Masala Chai is the perfect chai for contemporary living, whilst keeping the tradition of the drink alive. Using traditional methods of decoction and 100% natural ingredients, Henny & Joe brings you a therapeutic experience and a beautifully blended taste that is like no other.

Henny & Joe's chai is unique to the market and extremely versatile. True to its origin, their chai blend is naturally free from caffeine, artificial preservatives, colourings and additives. Allergen free and vegan friendly.

Henny & Joe's also like to do their bit for the environment. Owing to the friendship that Henny & Joe's has created with the cafés and businesses they supply, the majority of the empty bottles are returned to us, which are then re-used. The brand also ensures that all their packaging is made from nothing but recycled cardboard. Their creative packaging boffins have designed the perfect packaging to keep your chai safe all the way to your front door, using as little cardboard as possible. Henny & Joe's also ensure that their business creates little waste material. So all of our used spices are dried in the sun and turned into potpourri - perfect for your home at Christmas!