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GUSTATORY Ground Coffee Society
GUSTATORY Ground Coffee Society

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When Ground Coffee Society first opened its doors in late 2009, it wasn't just about the coffee. Dave (owner and founder) was a professional drummer, and had toured and played for many years of his life. So he opened a drum shop, with a twist - amazing coffee! After realising the queues going out the door weren't for the drums but for the caffeine on offer, Dave made a quick and easy decision to remove the drums from the equation and focus on the coffee being served.

As the years went by, word spread like wild fire that Putney was on the London coffee map. By now Ground Coffee Society was at the heart of Putney’s community, with coffee loving Aussie’s and Kiwi’s travelling for miles for their daily caffeine fix. Little to our knowledge one of those individuals was one of the UK directors of the Westfield group, who went on to offer Dave a short term space at the all new Westfield shopping centre at Stratford City for London’s 2012 Olympic games. This made Ground Coffee Society the most popular coffee spot throughout the games.

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