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Dak Speciality Coffee Roasters

Based in Amsterdam, Dak Coffee Roasters was founded in 2019 by Louis-Philippe Boucher. Originally from Montreal, Canada, his passion for coffee began during his early years at University, studying and working full-time. After working many years in the Finance and Venture Capital industry, Louis-Philippe decided to make the big move and leave everything behind to follow his passion. Much like with wine and beer, he wants people to discover the breadth and understand the complexity of flavours that coffee can offer.

Louis-Philippe used to be one of those people adding tons of cream and sugar to his coffee. That all changed when he lived in Milan and was introduced to the world of Italian espresso. This experience sparked a journey to discover and appreciate the many ways coffee can be brewed, served and enjoyed. He truly believes that every coffee beverage is unique in its own way and deserves a dedicated roast that celebrates it.