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Cocora Speciality Coffee Roasters

Cocóra is a roasters with its own roasting style developed through knowledge and education from the most skilled people in specialty coffee industry, for example, Joanna Alm of Drop Coffee Roasters, Sandra Azevedo of Academia do Café (SCA trainer) and Scott Rao, coffee expert and author.

Having learned from the best and adding their own personal touch, Cocóra have developed a roasting style that has been recognised on cupping tables around Europe, as well as multiple national competitions like 2nd place in SCA Spain Brewer’s Cup and 3rd place in Spain Roasters Championships.As part of their mission to help offenders successfully reintegrate into society, they train them in professional roastery and barista skills. On release, Redemption then help their 'Graduates' to find work, either in our own coffee shops, or with our wholesale clients. Not just sourcing coffee ethically, Redemption's entire roasting and coffee education process is socially impactful. The result is a finely crafted cup of coffee that raises the bar for everyone.