Brew Coffee Plus x The Pledge x One Tree Planted

 Brew Coffee Plus x The Pledge x One Tree Planted

Here we are again for the third edition of GUSTAStories, an element that aims to shed light on the ethical and sustainable practices that the brands we’re working with have implemented.

This time around we caught up with our good friends at Brew Coffee Plus and the great work they’re doing to promote sustainable conservation practices through a partnership scheme with Transparency Coffee known as The Pledge – and, no, this in no way relates to the 2001 movie starring Jack Nicholson, before all you fans start getting excited.

The Pledge is a scheme with a common code for transparency in green coffee buying that aims to give any participant in the coffee supply chain the opportunity to participate and help bring more transparency to reporting. The vision is to ensure a sustainable supply of coffee by working towards a living income for producers that allows them to continue investing in the future of their businesses.

Many producers in recent years have seen their incomes drop due to the falling price of coffee. Whilst the symptoms may derive from only a few coffee-producing regions, their effects are felt worldwide. In many parts, producers have struggled to break-even and therefore have seen their already small profit margin get smaller, which makes it impossible to pay for household needs like school and healthcare. This has seen many struggling producers abandoning coffee for other, more lucrative food crops. It is why collaboratives schemes, such as The Pledge, are so important to these producers. Without providing producers with the income they need to both live and invest, we cannot guarantee sufficient coffee for the future.

One Tree Planted In Action With A Farmer

Of equal merit, Brew Coffee Plus have also committed to working with an organisation called One Tree Planted that have embarked – no pun intended – on a simple, yet crucial mission to restore the worlds tree supply. Such a project is helping to restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build communities, and protect habitats for biodiversity. As part of their new seasonal espresso blend, Perennial, for every one sold, a dollar will be donated, enabling a tree to be planted as part of one of the many great reforestation programmes being run worldwide. The organisation plants trees in North and Latin America, Africa and Asia, and people who donate to the cause can choose where they would like to see their trees planted; a nice touch indeed. Brew Coffee Plus have confirmed that they will be primarily choosing to donate to tree-planting projects in Ethiopia, 'the birth place of coffee' (Matthew Deyn, Brew Coffee Plus).

Not only does this Perennial coffee taste great, it also provides an opportunity for consumers to get involved in the movement and make that cup of coffee taste that much better – thank god for enablers, eh. Help support Brew Coffee Plus and their amazing efforts in the coffee industry by discovering Brew Coffee Plus coffees - all purchases contribute monies towards these two projects. Keep it up guys, it really is great work.

The Pledge Featuring The Espresso Blend By Brew Coffee Plus
The Pledge Featuring The Espresso Blend By Brew Coffee Plus

Brew Coffee Plus Supporting Coffee Farmers Of The One Tree Planted Scheme

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