Tasting Notes & Stories

Do you subscribe to GUSTATORY's coffee subscriptions? This GUSTATORY coffee subscription Tasting Notes & Stories section provides you with some interesting additional information regarding the coffee roasters and their coffees that we've featured each month. If you wish to learn more about the coffees we've curated, be sure to have a read of all our coffee splendour. If you're not a subscriber, this array may just get you thinking that you, too, would like to receive the best coffees from all our UK, USA and European roasters? Welcome...

Tasting Notes: May 2022 Coffees

Two favourite US and European roasters, Parlor and Five Elephant, come together courtesy of GUSTATORY, with May's coffee box subscriptions also featuring Colombia's Cafe Velvet, as well as United Kingdom's Curve and Hasbean.

Tasting Notes: April 2022 Coffees

Colour, colour, colour, all the colourful packaging to match all the colourful coffees. April's coffee box subscriptions include coffees from Poland's HAYB, Sweden's Lykke Kaffegardar, Netherlands' Rum Baba and United Kingdom's New Ground, The Good Coffee Cartel and HALO.

Tasting Notes: March 2022 Coffees

Packed full of flavours and interesting provenance stories, March's coffee box subscriptions include coffees from the likes of Slovenia's Goat Story, Italy's Nero Scuro, Netherlands' Keen and United Kingdom's Missing Bean.

Tasting Notes: February 2022 Coffees

Exploring more of North America with Onyx Coffee Lab next to feature, in February's coffee box subscriptions they were joined by Denmark's April, Spain's 80Plus and United Kingdom's Foundation and PLOT Roasting.

Tasting Notes: January 2022 Coffees

Delivering British-only roasters due the festive calendar's days and dates, packing a punch in January's coffee box subscriptions were United Kingdom's Kiss The Hippo, Workshop, Dear Green, Triple Co Roasting and Elsewhere.

Tasting Notes: December 2021 Coffees

Our North American tour continues with a double, with December's coffee box subscriptions including coffees from Canada's Rogue Wave, USA's Corvus Coffee, Netherlands' Uncommon, and United Kingdom's Blossom and Machina. 

Tasting Notes: November 2021 Coffees

Extending our tour further afield to North America, November's coffee box subscriptions include coffees from USA's HEX Coffee, Netherlands' Friedhats, Belgium's Brander, and United Kingdom's Girls Who Grind Coffee and Common. 

Tasting Notes: October 2021 Coffees

A double from Scandinavia, November's coffee box subscriptions include coffees from Denmark's Coffee Collective, Spain's Morrow, Sweden's Kafferaven, and United Kingdom's Mission Coffee Works, Roastworks and Hard Lines.