Tasting Notes: March 2021 Coffees

 Tasting Notes: March 2021 Coffees

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At Stoll Kaffee has followed the dynamic coffee culture of recent years with great interest and has taken part in how a young and committed community has emerged over the past 20 years, which has its roots in the traditional coffee cultures of Austria, Italy and the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia.

At Stoll Kaffee, 80 years of experience are combined with the latest technology to create a coffee, the quality of which can be tasted and felt in every single cup - whether it's classic Italian-roasted coffee or single-origin roasted beans - the passion for coffee at Stoll has remained unchanged since 1936.

Stoll Coffees  |  Switzerland

Coffee Information Notes Packages
Napoli Napoli is for Italian espresso lovers. Our darkest roast consists of Central, South American and East African Arabicas, combined with an Indian Robusta. This creates a full-bodied espresso and a wonderful cocoa aroma in the cup. Cocoa Dark, Blends
Mexico This coffee comes from the state of Chiapas and is grown around the El Triunfo nature reserve. This region is shaped by the volcanic mountain range Sierra Madre de Chiapas. The Arabica plants are shielded from the storms of the Pacific and still get enough rain and sun to develop ideally. . The iron-rich, volcanic soils of this region at 1200 - 1600 m high elevations are ideal for growing excellent coffee. The harvest is done exclusively by hand. Just as careful is the strict quality control before the Berilo is exported.

This coffee is full-bodied and balanced with a fine fruity note. It has a medium spicy, delicate sweet and malty aroma. The balanced taste and very fine acidity with a medium, balanced body ensure a velvety, pleasant mouthfeel. Soft, sweet finish.
Fruity, spicy and malty Selected Mix, Single
Maximandro Torres Sanchez Peru is the largest exporter of organic Arabica coffee globally. With extremely high altitudes and fertile soils, the country has great potential for specialty coffees. Farmers in Peru usually process their coffee on their own farms using the fully washed method. Traditionally, smaller farmers would use tarps laid on the ground or under the roof of their homes. In the last 10 years there has been a big improvement in the cup quality, as farmers have received more support through cooperatives. The results have been amazing.

Maximandro Torres Sanchez owns 4 hectares of land in San Antonio, Huabal. He mostly grows catuai variety due to the productivity and cup quality of the variety. This year Maximandro has processed all of his coffee as naturals, which has greatly improved the cup quality and his profitability as a coffee farmer. Maximandro first washes his coffee with fresh water, pre-ferments the cherry overnight and then places it to dry on raised beds.

Stoll has been buying Peruvian naturals for the last few years and we see a steady improvement. This year is the best we have tasted. Maximandro's coffee is fruit heavy and complex, it makes a fantastic funky espresso or dessert like cappuccino.
Cherry and chocolate Plus 87
Nensebo Refisa Ethiopia Until last year coffees from West Arsi area have been sold as Sidamas. However, this region is more than worthy of a differentiation and the change has allowed the truly unique coffees from this region to be highlighted. Located in Oromia, about 400km south of Addis Ababa, the Nensebo Woreda is home to a collection of smallholder farmers totaling 5,000 hectares of coffee. The average farm size in Nensebo is two hectares and producers cultivate a range of heirloom coffee varieties, including wild varietals originating from the neighboring forests.

This coffee is processed at a washing station owned by Negusse Debela. It is located in the village of Refisa, which is located in the heart of Nensebo Woreda. 448 farmers deliver cherries from Refisa, Roricho, Bulga, Riripa and Solena. Each farmer brings their cherries to process at the washing station where they are picked and floated for defects, washed, soaked for 5 hrs, fermented for 72 hours and dried on raised beds. This coffee is perfect for a crisp washed espresso with fresh fruity notes it also works makes a great filter coffee.
Peach and bergamot Plus 87, Rest of World

Ue are an independently owned and family run business, forever curious and ready to transform the way coffee is served. Established by Dominic and Daniella Boyett in 2009, the mission was to offer great coffee whilst making it accessible to everyone. We have dedicated the last decade and more to learning, working hard, and building more than just another coffee brand. Ue Coffee Roasters is more than the sum of its parts, they have learned that it takes a team with passion and determination in the pursuit of excellence to make a company great.

Ue Coffees  |  UK

Coffee Information Notes Packages
Classical Dark Rising Our signature Dark Rising blend can be considered a classic roast profile and as such produces a rich and dark crema and holds its own in a large latte.

The slightly darker profile offers nutty and chocolate flavours at the forefront with hints of dried fruits. It also boasts a beautiful full body and gentle acidity, sure to be a popular blend for those classic coffee drinkers.
Raisin, dark chocolate and walnut Dark, Selected Mix
Indonesia Java Kayumas This coffee has been produced by the farming cooperative Koperasi Surya Abadi Kayumas, which has around 180 members. On the east of Indonesia’s fifth largest island stands the island’s most active volcano, Mount Raung, providing a rich and fertile soil for farming. Each of the 180 coop members average around 2 hectares of land so they pool their resources to benefit each other. They have three collection and processing centres so they can access the facilities quickly after harvesting the coffee and many of them produce organic manure from their cattle or goats.

The wet-hulling process is mostly unique to Indonesia. Due to the high humidity and unpredictable rains, they dry the coffee in its parchment to around 40% moisture rather than the more usual 12% in other parts of the world. At Kayuma, they will then hull the beans, removing the parchment, and continue to dry the coffee with mechanical assistance to reach the 10-12% moisture level required for export. This unusual process produces a full-bodied coffee with a distinguishable earthiness but still expect some brighter, fruity undertones.
Apple, raisin and tropical fruit Light
Guatemala La Nueva Era La Nueva Era is located in a small village called Jumaytepeque in the foothills of the Jumaytepeque volcano. This is one of the first areas in Guatemala to grow coffee and the higher levels of potassium found in the soil tends to give these coffees a bit of extra body.

A number of farmers contribute to this lot and their coffee drying time depends on the amount of sun they receive during the day which is determined by their altitude. Those drying their coffee at lower altitudes are likely to dry the cherries in around 10 days whereas those at more like 1,800 metres above sea level can expect another 5 days for the coffee to reach the desired moisture level.

The producer, Fedecocagua, is a huge cooperative organisation made up of around 150 co-ops totalling 20,000 members around Guatemala. This allows consistency of production and exportation for the many farmers involved as 70% of them are members of indigenous groups from all over the country. This coffee is well rounded with a creamy mouthfeel and plenty of dark berry flavours. 
Blackberry, blueberry scone and maple Selected Mix, Single, Light
All Natural Decaf Simply put; the Swiss Water decaffeination process is completely chemical-free and removes 99.9% of the caffeine content from the coffee beans before they are roasted.

The beans are soaked in a specially designed green coffee extract to draw out the caffeine over a period of about 10 hours. The newly caffeine-free coffee beans are shipped to us to work our magic in the roaster for you to enjoy your coffee any time of day with the same great taste but without the caffeine effects. This coffee has a deep body, is characteristically smooth, mellow and sweet with nutty notes and pleasant sweet fruit acidity.
Caramel, milk chocolate and nuts Decaf
Honduras Finca Liquidámbar Produced by a cooperative who are passionate about organic coffee production, they turn the waste, such as pulp from the cherries, back into fertiliser for re-use on their crops. Their meticulous methods are seen throughout the farm as they handpick only the ripe cherries and carefully monitor them throughout the drying process.

Historically, Honduras has suffered heavily at the hands of coffee leaf rust. With a greater range of coffee plants on the farm, there is more genetic diversity and therefore crop security. The result is a delightfully complex coffee, showcasing the best attributes of each of the varietals included.
Caramel, milk chocolate and walnuts Selected Mix, Single
Solidarity Born in the first national lockdown of 2020, the original Solidarity blend brought hope and support to the people of Oxfordshire with a proportion of sales going to support the work of designated charities. Continuing the theme of togetherness, we will be using a percentage of profits from the sale of this coffee to further support our nominated charities through our Ue Barista Foundation.

A blend of beans from South and Central America, this blend has been designed as something that everyone will enjoy; it tastes great as an espresso as well as a milky latte. The caramel sweetness is followed up by a chocolatey aftertaste with the Colombian element of the blend provide a nice juicy acidity.
Chocolate, caramel and tangerine Blends
Rwanda Kinini Kinigazi Back in 2012, half a million new coffee trees were planted across 38 hectares in Rwanda’s Northern Province. The processes in this area are very well controlled, including the use of satellite technology to monitor the coffee plants for any signs of infestation or disease. The picked coffee is taken to the Kinini washing station where they lay the cherries out no more than 2 inches deep and turn them regularly to ensure even drying. Each batch here is labelled to ensure micro-lot traceability.

There are some interesting and unique varieties of coffee in this region, with the main one still being Bourbon, known for being a tall plant that produces excellent cup quality at high altitudes. This is the first lot of naturally processed coffee from this area, grown at extremely high altitudes of over 2000 metres above sea level. Due to the slow development and ripening of the coffee at such elevation, this micro-lot has developed intense fruity flavours like blueberry and mango.
Mango, blueberry and honey Plus 87

A returning favourite of GUSTATORY’s, Cloud Picker was established in 2013 by Frank Kavanagh and Peter Sztal. Having worked in graphic design and corporate banking respectively, they took the leap and opened up their own coffee roastery. Their coffee isn’t just roasted in Dublin, it’s chosen for its personality which means we go beyond the usual places to find it. 

Cloud Picker Coffees  |  Ireland

Coffee Information Notes Packages
Sam A blend of 3 coffees, Sam is a well balanced coffee... a crowd pleaser if you like! Beautiful as an espresso. Works well with milk or as a filter coffee.   Dark chocolate, hazelnut and brown sugar Selected Mix
Mam The indigenous Mam people of Guatemala trace their history to a kingdom in the Mayan empire, based around the ancient city of Zaculeu. The modern city in this location, Huehuetenango City, is the capital of Huehuetenango department - one of the most well-known coffee growing regions in the country and world.

The smallholders who contribute to this coffee have been using the same traditional farming techniques for years. These include using the organic fertiliser from sheep, harvesting communally and growing different crops based on the steep slopes of the landscape in the region.

Farmers process their own coffee with the help of the many streams and rivers that populate the area. After hand-picking, the cherries are hand-pulped and fermented. The remaining mucilage is then removed and the beans are washed laid out to dry on raised beds and patios.
Chocolate truffle, cherry and hazelnut Plus 87
Chirinos This coffee has been sourced from even further north in Cajamarca, from 120 farmers in 6 communities near the Ecuador border: Huarapal, Chinchiquilla, Elecorazon, La Palma, San Francisco and Pueblo Libre. These farming communities aim for environmentally friendly cultivation, deploying techniques such as composting with plant residues and soil conservation in an effort to farm sustainably.

Peru is a country dominated by large farms which is a real challenge to these smallholders. While this has slowed the country's embrace of specialty coffee, there has been a growing number of really outstanding coffees in the last number of years and it is the work of figures like Rony which has helped generate some real excitement about this origin's distinctive offerings!
Cocoa, cherry and amaretto Blends
San Francisco The San Francisco community is behind this coffee and, after beginning in 2014 with 12 producer families, its number has swelled to 40 within a few years. Located in San Francisco de León Cortés, the community's location on the edge of the famous Tarrazu canton has enabled these producers to work with Coope Tarrazu, an organisation with a focus on highlighting the special characteristics of the micro-zones in the region.

2020 was a year of low production in Costa Rica, with intermittent and unpredictable rain affecting the crop yield as well as slowing down the harvest and complicating the drying process.  This is particularly hazardous for the drying of naturally processed coffees.  We really feel lucky therefore that the quality and cleanliness of this natural coffee has come through despite this testing year - it is a reminder of the huge variety of challenges that has confronted our connected world in the last year.
Mango, orange liqueur and golden raisin Selected Mix

Vertical started out as Gipfelstürmer Kaffee in 2010 but changed it to Vertical Coffee Roasters in 2017 so everyone's would be able to understand their name – a truly selfless act.

The focus of Vertical roastery is on working only with top cup quality and clear aroma profiles. They choose their partnerships at eye level (you’ve got to be a looker to work with these guys) but also based on socially, ecologically and economically sustainable practices and transparency along the value chain. In order to highlight the great work done at origin, they roast these exceptional coffees in our signature clean and light roasting style.

Vertical Coffees  |  Switzerland

Coffee Information Notes Packages
Brazil Diamond Vertical’s Brazil Diamond is available year-round and is a great standard coffee with the same cup profile season upon season. Grown at an altitude of 1100 masl in the Minas Gerais region, it shows mild and classic flavours of milk chocolate and hazelnut - what you might expect from a Brazilian coffee.

The coffee is grown by smallholder farmers / members of the Cooxupé Cooperative, which has been present in Brazil’s coffee history for decades. Founded in 1932 as a cooperative of agricultural credit, it later developed into the Regional Coffee Grower’s Cooperative of Guaxupé in 1957. That was when the cooperative started buying, milling and commercializing coffee for the international market and exporting their own coffee. Through their experience in the coffee market, Cooxupé has become a reference in the national and international coffee sector.
Milk chocolate and hazelnut Rest of World
Mexico Decaf, Organic Vertical have set out to make decaf coffee tasty and fun. No matter why you’d like to go low on caffeine, they’ve got you covered. Expect a taste of chocolate brownies straight out of the oven, prune jam and a hint of gingerbread, high sweetness and a full body. Chocolate brownues, prune jam and gingerbread Decaf
Uganda Kaweri Coming soon Dark chocolate, cinnamon, and creamy body Selected Mix, Single
Queen K Fuel your goal - whatever it may be: Completing that lap around your neighborhood, improving your 10K PR or qualifying for that big race in Hawaii, Boston or the Olympic Games. Keep your motivation high every time you enjoy a cup of this tasty coffee!

The Queen Ka’ahumanu (short: Queen K) Highway on the Big Island of Hawaii is the most iconic road in triathlon: Athletes competing in the Ironman World Championship spend the longest segment of their race time-trialling up and down this highway which cuts through the lava fields from Kona to Hawi. For many triathletes to race here is the ultimate goal. What is your Queen K?
Sweet toffee and milk chocolate Rest of World
Breakaway Espresso Blend Not so much into fruity flavours in your cup? So this one’s for you! went out to search for an amazingly clean Fine Robusta to pair with Cauvery Peak Estate Specialty Grade Arabica from India. Together, they make for a super sweet, big body espresso with flavors of vanilla and dark chocolate while keeping the acidity level low. The perfect choice for an easy drinking espresso or cappuccino and giving you some super power for your next breakaway! Vanilla and dark chocolate Blends

Design, style, environment, the constant desire to exalt tradition and innovation. With this in the heart, Fabio Lauro founded Wolfox Coffee Roasters in 2017, obsessed with details and pioneering advance coffee profiles. We truly believe that the combination of our beans being both organic and freshly roasted is what gives our coffee the cleanest, most grounded and purest taste your palate can experience.

Wolfox see coffee a part of our culture and everyday life. It’s not just a beverage, but a social ritual. People come together over coffee. They discuss current events, new ideas, and past history, all over a cup of coffee.

Wolfox Coffees  |  UK

Coffee Information Notes Packages
Mr Wolf Wolfox’s exclusive blend reunite an easy going combination from South America organic origins. They both brings up both chocolate sweetness and balanced fruity acidity in the final cup. These are washed processed coffees which means. They work really well in black coffee or with alternative milks creating a round flavour and smooth finish.

It’s important to mention the both coffees involved in this blend are: Guatemala, from the area of Acatenango. It’s a bright origin with nutty and vanilla tasting notes and the other origin comes from  a cooperative in Peru, formed by women. El Palto Mujeres, the name of the cooperative. This shows how women has been making a beautiful impact in coffee farms bringing a very recognisable improvement for coffee tasting profiles. This origin from Peru is a great origin with chocolate jammy tasting notes.
Cacao, buttermilk, vanilla, jammy fruits and spices Blends, Dark
Ethiopia Natural Guji From the birthplace of Arabica coffee, Ethiopia. Wolfox Coffee has been sourcing for a while a natural processed coffee that would meet a sustainable background and a coffee we believe brings the experience from the farm to the cup. Daannisa is the name of a sub kebele (Hamlet) where the this group of 37 farmers are located. The average farm size of each member is 3.35 hectares. The coffee grows under a canopy of natural forest, much like most of Guji coffees in the area. The fertile red land is made of clay and loam. All of these farmers are trained in agronomy and post-harvest practices by the 'King of Guji', Ture Waji. What’s unique about how these drying stations are managed are the drying beds themselves: each day lot is tracked with a tag for each bed, listing the specific delivery and the start date of drying and relative moisture content readings for each day. That will ensure a very uniform profile, a captivating taste, rich and complex with notes that range from floral fruit forward to an intensely berry compote. Juicy and enjoyable for an exquisite and desirable coffee flavour experience with a clean and sweet aftertaste. Fruity, stewed strawberries, elderberries and grape Plus 87
Decaf, Organic Wolfox’s Sir Deer-Caf is naturally de-caffeinated using the exclusive Swiss Water Process. Ethiopia, Honduras and Peru are blended with Indonesia and Timor to deliver incredibly smooth and full bodied coffee packed with complex flavours and aromas. Hazelnut, cardamom and black tea Decaf
Honduras Washed Coming soon Dates, cherries and nuts Single
Guatemala Washed Acetenango Our Organic Guatemala Acatenango is grown by a co-operative of small farmers called Finca La Hermosa that we support and believe in. A rich texture characterised by a fresh citrus brightness and floral flavours. One of the most complex single origins. Milk chocolate and juicy lemon Single
Sumatra Coming soon Liquor wood aged wine and orange dark chocolate Single

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