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Brand or Roaster? Stock Your Coffee, Tea or Other Drinks With GUSTATORY

GUSTATORY (adjective): curating excellence in taste

A brand / roaster-centric platform, GUSTATORY is a curation of our favourite independent coffee roasters, tea makers and brands from far and wide across the UK and Ireland, enabling our partners to gain direct exposure, as well as reach new domestic and international audiences. With a mission of innovatively promoting, supporting and retailing the best speciality coffee and independent coffee, quality teas and other drinks (such as cold brew, nitro and kombucha) from our curated list of independent coffee roasters, tea makers and brands, discover more about GUSTATORY. Towards our company's holistic purpose of 'curating excellence in taste', 2019 is just the beginning.

Supported by an in-house sales, marketing and customer service team, GUSTATORY's vision is to deliver the preferred place for consumers to browse, compare and shop for speciality coffee and independent coffee, quality teas and other drinks online. Whilst most of our nation's coffee roasters already supply their local cafe's, hotels and other outlets, GUSTATORY prides itself in going one step further. Speciality coffee, quality teas and other drinks, delivered.

Our Priorities & Working With Us

Foremost, GUSTATORY is built ground-up around two core principles: supporting independent coffee roasters, tea makers and brands as well as emphasising the ethics and sustainability of better coffee, tea (and other drinks). In parallel to our two core principles, GUSTATORY consistently honours these four additional sub-principles in support of our mission:

  • We are transparent, which is why all prices, delivery costs and free shipping thresholds are the same for the customer as if they were shopping direct, all at their hands with the convenience of only requiring a single checkout (or guest) account.
  • We are honest, ensuring our customers that our prices are never inflated to include misleading hidden costs, nor is any product without complete information to help them easily compare in an unbiased manner.
  • We value simplicity and so do our customers, which is why with us they can shop ease by only paying once, no matter how many unique coffee roasters, tea makers or brands they choose.
  • We are convenient, providing our customers with the central place for discovery and education. Ethical, clear and easy.

A unique platform within the beverage industries we serve, GUSTATORY is specifically attracting the best coffee roasters, tea makers and brands that are each independent, unique and quality-driven. For all partners accepted at GUSTATORY, working with us includes a self-managed e-commerce storefront, supported by various exposure placements across the website, social media and other channels. With the ability to set your own pricing policy, shipping costs and thresholds, GUSTATORY provides a simple process for both the customer and our partners.

Acceptance at GUSTATORY is subject to approval by our selection team and each partner receives the full retail price of any products sold less a set commission. To apply please use the below form, allowing up to 2 weeks for a response from our selection team.