Tribes Of Mokha

Single Farmer Edition: Abdulkareem Mohammed Abdulmoghni Yemeni Coffee

Apricot Fudge & Toffee Lemon
Dispatched from Tribes Of Mokha
(earns 55 Taste Points)
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This coffee is available as wholebeans only. Please also note that this Single Farmer Edition is currently roasted only once per month.

- Overview

The Single Farmer nanolots are sourced directly from Yemeni farmers, that harvest comparatively small amounts of coffee cherries per season. While small-scale production allows for particular attention, care, and thorough quality control throughout the whole production chain, and nanolots are associated with excellence and exclusivity, there is another side to this, relevant especially for the Yemeni farmers.

Due to the lack of modern farming infrastructure, no local governmental support and the overall economical and humanitarian crisis in the country, Yemeni farmers are restrained in production. Beyond that, the internal production logistics and especially the logistics of getting the coffee to markets, let alone exported, is tremendously challenging. The coffee plantations are in the remote mountain villages, and for the coffee to get to the consumer it needs to travel via dangerous mountain roads and through numerous military and tribal security checkpoints. To be exported, it needs to get to an airport or seaport that is not only far, but also hard to reach due to the ongoing hostilities and road blockage, and eventually, any logistical plan might be majorly delayed or cancelled all together.

These conditions dictate that the amount of coffee possible to harvest and sell in one season from a Yemeni coffee farm is multiple times smaller than from a similarly-sized farm in any other coffee producing country. Part of the harvest will be contributed to a coffee producing collective of the farmers in the region, but the carefully selected best coffee of the harvest will be the farmer’s nanolot.

By purchasing that lot and ensuring a fair price, that factors in the harsh obstacles in the production process, Tribes of Mokha can directly support the farmer, his family and the coffee producing land. 

This nanolot is coming from Al-Sarbah village, located in the region of Anis, home to 12 coffee producing villages. Anis is quite rocky and dry, with an average sun exposure of 6 hours. With care and dedication of the farmers, complex and distinct flavours are created.

The coffee of this Single Farmer Edition is of Odaini Kobari typica, grown at 2040 m.a.s.l., naturally processed by Abdulkareem Mohammed Abdulmoghni. Abdulkareem is a 47 years old former army officer, now fully dedicated to cultivating coffee. He has a wife and 5 children, and coffee production allows him to support his family and his elderly parents. This season Abdulkareem harvested 378.5 kg of red cherries – which leaves about 75 kg of green coffee. Part of it goes to a coffee production collective, and the remaining lot is what Tribes of Mokha are honoured to present to you.

In this exclusive lot you can taste the freshness of the apricot, highlighted by hints of caramelised lemon and orange zest, as if covered in chocolate.

- Additional Information

Flavours: Apricot, toffee, lemon zest
Origin: Al-Sarbah, Anis, Dhamar, Yemen
Varietal: Typica – Odaini Kobari
Process: Natural
Altitude: 2040 metres above sea level
Roast: Filter

Brightness of Flavours
Bright & Crisp
Creamy or Silky
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced