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Blueberry Cocoa Marzipan & Nougat
Brazil Rwanda
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Wander da Silva Guerra was born and raised in a rural area near Piumhi, Minas Gerais. At a young age, he established his own retail business, where he worked almost all his life. When his three children were grown up, he decided to pursue his greatest passion in life: agriculture, establishing his first coffee farm in 1982. After more than 30 years producing coffee and at 87 years old, he still leaves home every single day at 6am. With his lunchbox in hand he goes to his farms and works on the coffee trees with his employees. (Brazil)

Thirty eight of the 252 hectares were planted with Bourbon Mayaguez 139 seedlings when the washing station was established, around 2,000-2,500 in each hectare. The cultivar itself most likely originated from the island of Reunion (The same place the original Bourbon mutation was first noted), together with Jackson that is also widely found in Rwanda, and a Bourbon mutation. The third commonly found cultivar, Bourbon Mayaguez 71, could have come from Ethiopia, introduced via the Congo. These varietals are common in Rwanda in part due to only approved varietals being able to be grown, ensuring the suitability of the varietals for the conditions, but restricting genetic diversity from the nurseries. (Rwanda)

  • Flavour: Marzipan, chocolate, Bakewell tart, blueberry
  • Origin: 70% Rwanda, Gahabwa / 30% Brazil, São José 
  • Varietal: Bourbon, yellow catuai
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 980 - 2200 metres above sea level
Brightness of Flavours
Smooth & Gentle
Full Bodied & Rich
Balance of Flavours
Well Balanced