The Barn

Colombia La Maria Filter Coffee

Black & Redcurrant Mixed Florals
Dispatched from GUSTATORY. Limited stock
(earns 70 Taste Points)
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Available in 250g wholebeans only and roasted for filter.

Cauca is one of The Barn’s favourite coffee growing regions in Colombia. The Popayán plateau offers ideal coffee growing conditions: high altitudes, close proximity to the equator, and surrounding mountains to protect from the cool winds of the Pacific Ocean. This year, The Barn’s microlot from La Maria is well structured with a sweet and floral cup profile. Juicy notes of blackcurrant, dragon fruit and violet are brought together with a sparkling mouthfeel and a clean, lasting finish.

  • Flavours: Blackcurrant, violet and sparkling
  • Origin: Cauca, Colombia
  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1850 metres above sea level
  • Cupping score: 88
Brightness of Flavours
Bright & Crisp
Medium Balanced
Balance of Flavours
With Dominant Flavours