Tea Repertoire

800ml Glass Teapot

(earns 195 Taste Points)
Quick Details
Brand: Tea Repertoire
Product Type: Infusers Kettles & Tea Pots
Brewing Equipment Specification
Material(s): Glass Metallic Plastics Silicone & Rubber
Colour(s): Dark Green Gold Transparent
Size(s): 501ml - 1L
Usability: Indoor Use Kitchenware
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800ml Glass Teapot

This gorgeous handmade glass teapot holds maximum 800ml volume, which can easily make 3-4 cups of tea. Mouth-blown from pure borosilicate glass, this teapot stands out in terms of heat-resistance, durability, radiance and clarity.

Glass teapots are an essential brewing vessel for any tea lovers, as it allows people to observe the change of tea colour while brewing. This way, we can adjust the strength of the tea according to our own preference. In addition, glass teapots are really functional and practical, as they do not absorb any aromas from tea. Therefore tea drinkers can brew all kinds of speciality tea with different aromas in the same vessel without having concerns of spoiling the unique aroma of individual tea.

This teapot comes with two removable filters - a stainless steel infuser and a coil filter. This is very practical, as you can choose to use one of the filters only, depending on the size of tea leaves. When you want to enjoy small leaf tea such as Sencha green tea, you can use the stainless steel infuser, as its fine mesh will keep the tea leaves inside. To brew large leaf tea, for instance, Chinese oolong tea such as Da Hong Pao, you can get rid of the stainless steel infuser and place the tea leaves directly in the teapot. The removable coil filter on the spout can easily filter big tea leaves and prevent them from going out while pouring the tea.

This elegant teapot is a perfect gift for any occasions, as it is packed in a stylish designed gold-foiled Repertoire Glassware Box.

Please note that each piece is handmade and each teapot may slightly differ in terms of thickness, height and weight.

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